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  • AT&T CEO says faster 5G networks will cost more and be capped

    This is why T-Mobile should not be allowed to merge with Sprint.
  • Latest Facebook-related security breach finds millions of records exposed on Amazon server...

    Amazon is very very unlikely to be to blame here. They provide cloud computing service to third-parties through Amazon Web Services. My company has switched to these services and is in the process of closing our physical data center operations.

    The services they offer are highly configurable. Companies using them are responsible for securing any content that needs securing; there are plenty of tools and methodologies available to do so.

    Facebook as an organization seems to be populated by a great many people that know only enough to be incredibly dangerous. How could *anyone* there not have given a second thought to storing unencrypted passwords on a public server or allowing said information to flow to third parties that would do the same. It just boggles the mind.
  • Boeing 737 Max pilots didn't have flight simulators, and trained on iPads instead

    A bad angle of attack sensor, a physical device, would seem like an obvious point of failure. Even if the software were perfect, a bad sensor could basically plunge the plane into the ground. Pilots were not universally trained on disabling MCAS, but when one is plunging into the ground, it may not be the thing at the front of your mind even if you are familiar with it.

    A less obvious but I think more likely scenario is that there is a software bug in MCAS. This may manifest itself when pilots start to fight what MCAS was doing. They would pull up, MCAS would pull down even more trying to prevent a stall. It has been discovered recently that MCAS will push the nose down by a significantly larger margin than was admitted to the FAA (Boeing changed the spec after reporting it), and there is speculation that if it resets as pilots fight it, it could get even worse.

    Even pilots with extensive experience may be put in a no win scenario if either of the above occur.

  • Editorial: Senator Warren's stance on big tech breakup is dangerous politics

    I for one miss the days of renting my phone from AT&T and buying my gasoline from Standard Oil. I am glad there are brave editors in this world that understand and resist the urge to break up monopolies.
  • Apple agrees to bend to Russian law and store user data on local servers

    Canada has similar user data requirements. It just isn't run by a brutal dictatorship. The issue here isn't so much the requirement, it is the risk that the government will abuse it.