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  • Apple announces progress toward carbon neutral goal, new energy projects

    rcfa said:
    Apple should build a modern nuclear power plant, that would be truly green…
    …Gates is further along that road than “visionary” Apple, which is more interested in virtue signaling and greenwashing.
    New to me that nuclear waste is green. Great work, Tim. Apple should get much more credit for this. 
  • Renault touted as great potential Apple Car partner by analyst

    French cars suck. French workers are constantly on strike. I like Volkswagen (Seat, Skoda, Audi, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini), a company with some 100 factories in 27 countries, also in China and Brasil. The new all electric VW ID3 and ID4 have a good range (unlike the Renault Zoe that barely gets you to the end of the street) and get great reviews as a car, but the UI sucks so terribly that people are already dumping them, I hear. It would be a perfect match with Apple. 
  • Apple Car could bolster services but low margins limit upside, analyst says

    rikipedia said:
    The Apple Cars are Robo-Taxis (TaxiPods) containing Apple supported "pieces" as add-ons to an autonomous driving vehicle. The vehicle is probably already selected for the initial run in an exclusive deal Apple made with the car manufacturer. The vehicle will have all of the Apple Toys you could think to throw in the car but you'll pay for each service. You want excellent music, click here. You want to watch television, click here. Personally, I'm most excited about the LCD windshields surrounding the car. "Siri, tint the glass 40%. Siri, block all sunlight coming into the car. Siri, show us driving through the countryside in North Carolina in the Fall. Siri, fly us to the Moon."
    You won't want to get out of this car and it won't be yours.
    Well, let's hope by that time Siri finally starts listening. Or at at least stops saying with everything you ask, like opening Maps or finding a new route: 'Sorry, can't do that while you're driving' 
  • 'Second wave' of Apple TV+ series doing better among viewers than initial shows

    The Morning Show, Defending Jacob, Bruce Springsteen: simply loved it. But the best is Home before dark. What a great mini-series. It should earn a lot of Emmy's. And what I love: all these series are so well made! Great job, Apple. I'm hooked. 
  • Chipolo unveils new tracking tag made from recycled fishing nets

    Maybe they should focus on the technique behind the Chipolo. Had one, but ditched it after three months and about a thousand false notifications. Can't wait for the AirTag to arrive.