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  • New limits on free Dropbox accounts are a problem if you have more than three devices

    Would have been a good time to offer a $5 plan... can’t really do iCloud at work. Maybe I can get work to support something directly :/ I can’t complain much, though. I’ve gotten tons of utility out of Dropbox and paid nothing. Still I’m definitely keeping iCloud and would like to avoid too many services.
  • 'Star Wars' set the stage for Apple's streaming video service two decades ago

    I remember this very well. I watched that trailer over and over on my Mac. I didn’t know or remember those bits from the trial. Yikes.

    Correction: This sentence needs to start with “You might have”: “You've missed the original "The Phantom Menace" trailer frame that's shown to the same scale at bottom right. ”
    Sgt Storms(trooper)
  • The most futuristic products from the 2019 CES, and the old TV shows that may have inspire...

    I've always thought the mirror concepts were cool and even thought of making one once. After that video I'm now convinced that it's really a horrible idea except for maybe a calendar/clock/weather/music-selector readout *off to one side*. Almost everything done on it looked like a nuisance and worse than just using your phone or an "assistant in a can". It's a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, I know, but they just showed so much text and information going right across the main viewing space of the mirror. It doesn't seem to have a purpose as a mirror at that point and it's not a great way to read text. The best bit was helping the kid stick to brushing their teeth.
  • AT&T lying to customers by showing '5G E' on devices, under fire from other carriers

    False advertising in the past is not a reason to continue it. I don't care if it's hypocritical of them to call out AT&T at this point as long as it is made very clear to everyone how egregious this stunt AT&T is pulling is. They obviously can't protect consumers themselves so they invite outside regulation or at least some public lashing. Bring it and continue and embarrass AT&T. Meanwhile, there is plenty of overpromising going on about 5G everywhere else, too. I say let's keep them honest any way we can.

    Also, it looks like this is not the year to buy into 5G for phones anyway, so a skeptic's eye on all the carriers is a good idea. (It's always a good idea anyway. :P )
  • Apple avoids iPhone ban in India by approving regulator's anti-spam app for download from ...

    ... It is unclear if TRAI's app was approved because it uses the framework and follows App Store policies, or if Apple ultimately gave in to demands.
    At this day and age, I fear it's the latter. No matter your nationality, ideology, or education (I'm an engineer BTW), if you can remember high school history, you can recognize that we are frogs in a warming pot. We are just letting too much slide...
    No one is above the law.  You want to play in someone else's backyard, you play by their rules or don't play at all.
    I think that is part of the point, though, right? The eroding of privacy and rights as businesses succumb to the laws of countries that don't respect them. At least that's the way I was reading it.