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  • First look: Nintendo's iPad-like Switch hybrid game console launches, with iOS support on ...

    Switch is a great, great design. Took my son to the doctor today and we played two-player co-op with SnipperClips in the waiting room (propped it up on the built-in stand, took off each side to give us a controller each). On an iPad a game like this isn't made because you can't expect two people to have controllers and even if you did, people don't usually lug two around (controls require at least 4 buttons and an analog stick), but the Switch is super compact and always has two controllers on board. Plus, my wife and son are playing the game at home right now on the big screen with no airplay lag or awkward HDMI wire, just dock and play.

    They are for different purposes and some games are prefect for iPad where touch is ideal and you want a larger screen. Switch does have a multitouch screen but is on the small side as a tablet.

    I'd wager Netflix will come soon enough as will a bunch of other apps, but Nintendo is right to focus on getting the dedicated gaming nature of it more solid first.

    The only hardware downside is that the attached controllers are pretty dinky making them a bit fiddly. Some people will feel they need the Pro Controller (which pairs nicely on a Mac or PC incidentally). Everything else is solid, slick and well-designed, in my opinion anyway.
  • Wine reaches milestone version 2.0 release, with 64-bit support and Retina compatibility f...

    I've barely used Wine... but when it let me play AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) right on my Mac with zero issues, I was very glad for the solution.
  • DirecTV Now breaks 200,000 subscribers in problematic first month of service

    You know I had hopes for this. I did it with the Apple TV deal because we could use one, but I was hoping this could work. Thing is... I just can't watch TV shows broadcast at time intervals like this. I've been away from that way of thinking for so long that it was shockingly distressing and life-sucking. Flipping around to see "what's on" hoping vainly that you don't have to wait for a commercial to see if you want to see the actual program, checking to see when a show you want to see "airs". Tivo cured me of this ailment ages ago, and now I'm hoping all on-demand can take its place, but the right package just hasn't arrived yet.

    I will say that for the couple of TV channel apps it does unlock for on-demand-ish viewing helps. If that wasn't so scattered and inconsistent it would really help. The cable I used to pay for (only because it temporarily saved money in a bundle with internet) supported barely any channel apps so it was interesting to see that side of it.

    For now, though, it's local broadcast HD through antenna + Tivo (lifetime membership bought ages ago) and then Netflix, Amazon Prime and iTunes purchases for everything else. By far this is the cheapest solution but I want it unified so much more. Gotta give credit to the device makers for trying, but the content-owners just aren't helping matters for consumers.
  • Valve developer claims macOS SteamVR release coming in the next few months

    But what to run it on? ;o) This is encouraging either way. If Apple is serious about all of this, high performance graphics need to be a big part of any VR or AR solution. Maybe it is making something custom, maybe it is only for mobile devices, but it seems like some development system that officially runs MacOS would be nice or even necessary to make that work. If games alone can't get Apple to offer some GPU solutions that are competitive maybe VR/AR can. I would think we'd start to see this happening next year. Hopefully we do, because 2016 offered no hope in that area.
  • Apple joins RE 100 renewable energy initiative, outlines new clean energy pledges

    Nice. I love that Apple has been aggressive with this. As a silly side note: Whenever I see big fields of solar panels I always think there should be some buildings or at a least a shell underneath, so the space could be easily used for something else eventually. It's kind of irrational as it would cost more and provide nothing and if you wanted to build under it later you could transplant the panels on top I guess. Just something about all that land with such a short single purpose layer on it. I think I started thinking about it playing SimCity at some point.