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  • MacBook Pro keyboards could get data overlays and adjustable key mechanisms

    Yep I thank my lucky stars that I bought (and fully loaded) the last MacBook Pro with a real keyboard. I've experimented with each iteration of the butterfly keyboard and hate it so much that I would seriously consider buying a PC as my next laptop rather than having to type on it. Of course I pray that my current MacBook Pro lasts until Apple comes to its senses so that I don't have to go down that road...
  • Video: Everything new in iOS 11.4 including AirPlay 2, Messages in iCloud, and more

    It's a long time since I've been as excited about a feature as I am about iMessage iCloud syncing - having unsynced messages littered across 6 or so devices is not helpful for my mild OCD. Fingers crossed this is finally getting close to release. (Although in the now 9 months or so since it was initially promised I've learned not to hold my breath!) 
  • iPhone X impresses Windows executive, Android fans but bitter bloggers still hating

    it's amusing to read an article accusing another author of childishness and poor writing that is itself so childish and poorly written.

    Your critique, much of which is factually justified, would be far more credible if your tone was more balanced. 
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  • Rumor: New 4" iPhone, 'iPad Air 3' will go on sale Friday, March 18

    romanmar said:
    Meh, I'm more interested if they'll update the macbook with skylake, that's the only upgrade I am looking forward too, my old iphone 6 works perfectly fine!
    Hopefully the refresh will get a second USB-C port as well, because swapping power cable with adapter anytime I needed to transfer files became ridiculous quickly. That is one design I can say with a fair amount of confidence Steve Jobs would have never let make it to the final product. 
    Methinks you didn't know Mr Jobs very well. A single USB-C port is *exactly* the sort of thing Jobs was famous for insisting on. The surprise is that it happened under Tim Cook's leadership.
    nostrathomasmac fan