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  • Apple's App Store policies again under fire as Kaspersky Lab files Russian antitrust compl...

    There has to be a system of checks and balances. The idea that Apple can do whatever it wants with its own platform isn’t good enough. That is just a copout and a way to circumvent fairness, openness, and possibly even the law. 

    If you want to have a platform and pretend to make it available to everyone, it has to actually be available to everyone, without various anti competitive practices that prevent any one particular company or group or political ideology from exposure. Let the market handle it, not the whims of a few people in Cupertino. 
    Huh?  Are you on crack or something?  If you want openness, switch to Android and stop trolling Apple forums. I don’t want my OS to be open, thank you very much. Transparency, sure, but locked down. There’s plenty of competition for Apple, but you just don’t get it n
  • Apple axed Tumblr from App Store because of failed child pornography filters

    well, they should definitely pull the google app then. and safari. oh, and Firefox and definitely Edge. If you're gonna take it upon yourself to "police" the app store, then be consistent all around.
    jbdragonviclauyyc[Deleted User]
  • Apple's powerful new Mac mini perfectly suits the 'Pro' market, yet the complaints have al...

    Where do you get off saying we can't complain?  That's a horrific, narrow attitude. I think the mini will be good for some people, but I take exception to two issues - 1) It's too expensive for the base model.  This is supposed to be the entry level computer that wins over your standard Windows goon. Except now its approaching twice the price of the original mini.  I'm betting it has an impressive profit-margin for the company though. 2) Lack of a discreet GPU option yet again.  But the ability to add an eGPU partially offsets that, I suppose.  Still, should have it as an option.  I honestly feel that they set their price points to keep demand down.  Otherwise I was wanting to order one yesterday, but I decided not to. (because of the price mainly.)
  • New iPad Pro again rumored to ditch Lightning for USB-C

    wood1208 said:
    I doubt Ipad will adopt USC-C but if it did than 2019 iPhone will be next to adopt.
    I don’t see the need for iPhone to switch to USB-C. 

    Couldn’t it at least be lightning to USB-C especially since new Mac laptops are all USB-C?
    I guess I unintentionally posted the same thing as you said. This is what I think is really the case with new iPads.
  • New iPad Pro again rumored to ditch Lightning for USB-C

    I'm sure the iPad charging cable will switch to USB-C, but for the charging adapter! Not to replace the lightning port itself. That's in line with Apple moving to USB-C on all their laptops (and presumably the next iteration, if any, of the MacBook Air)