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  • Hands on and benchmark testing of Apple's 2019 iMac 4K

    Offering a 5400rpm drive in 2019 on a $1300 desktop computer is one thing, but making it impossible to upgrade (glued in screen) is disgusting.

    They must f***ing hate us.

  • Cook confirms iPhone upgrades are on the decline as users 'hang on' to hardware for longer...

    No Tim,

    It's because we're tired of being screwed. Even Apple loyalist aren't stupid - we can see Android phones getting better and cheaper and more polished every year and Apple is putting prices UP. I used to upgrade every 2 years but when the price of the phones are increasing and features I want are being taken away (Qualcomm modem, TouchID, headphone jack, home button) I'd be crazy to upgrade.

    Why should I pay tons more than I did last time for features I don't want (Intel modem, Face ID, Animoji, Ugly notch, No battery status percentage) ? And then I have to go pay extra for a fast charger, wireless, airpods, case. You don't even include the headphone jack adapter in the box anymore! The XS Max with 256gb is $2399 in Australia! Are you kidding me?! Even wealthy educated people earning big 6 figure salaries don't want to pay that. Apple has shot up to becoming an elitist brand for snooty upper class douchebags, not middle class like it used to be. You're smoking crack, Tim. Put the pipe down.
    avon b7
  • Apple's services will grow to over $100 billion per year in 2023, says Morgan Stanley

    "Services" sounds so much cooler than "App developer tax" eh?

  • Drake's Scorpion on Apple Music crushes Spotify in streaming

    Meanwhile over on Spotify users can actually choose exactly what tracks they want to listen to. 
  • Video: iPhone X vs OnePlus 6 - Benchmarks

    I was actually really delighted to see this review. I carry a 7 plus as my daily driver and have a OnePlus 5T as a work phone. It's only a few months old and a bezelless design like the OnePlus 6 and it's a beast.

    Things I love:

    - The OnePlus is the worlds fastest charging Smartphone (,review-4933.html)
    - Bezelless display is beautiful and really amazing value for the price
    - Dual sim cards allows me to keep my old Australian sim in the phone in case of emergencies
    - Face unlock is screaming fast, faster than iPhone X's i've used (also mentioned in the review)
    - Close-to-stock Android is quite good even coming from an Apple fan

    I only found out about this brand because some very smart technical people I know who are android developers buy this brand and I have to say it's great build quality and exceptional value. I think if more people knew about these phones they would sell a lot more of them.