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  • Qualcomm to remain iPhone modem supplier in 2018, but will see orders reduced to 30%

    My opinion of Qualcomm went into the toilet when I learned of their pricing practices.  Since then I’ve looked forward to Apple separating from Qualcomm completely.  Looks like my wishes will be coming true soon, and soon. 
    I can only imagine what your opinion of Apple will be when you find out they do exactly the same thing with the app store developers.. /s
  • Mac mini: What we want to see in an update to Apple's low-cost desktop

    I mean call me simple but I don't know, how about reliably and consistently updating the machine to the latest Intel architecture every year? Keep it as a simple silver box for the next 100 years for all I care just stop ripping off your customers by selling outdated hardware. 
  • Editorial: The mysterious curse of iPhone 6, lifted with... the headphone jack

    Hotel rooms, friends cars, friends stereo systems, my bose QC's, all use a headphone jack. These things will all have headphone jacks for the next 5-10 years. Removing the headphone jack was a travesty and i'll never forgive Apple for it until everything is wireless. Carrying around an adapter like I have to for my Macbook is ridiculous. This is just a fact and reading all of you sucking the mega corporations proverbial junk is absolutely baffling.
  • Apple planning lower cost MacBook Air for second quarter of 2018

    I've owned 3 MacBook Airs and love my MBPwT.  Sorry you didn't clarify that the MacBook Pro you were complaining about is the non-Touchbar model.  I have no experience with that one.

    Edit: odd you complain about the fans.  The fan(s) on my MBP rarely come on at all, whereas doing the same work on my MacBook Airs would spin up the fan regularly.  Especially the original MBA was terrible from a heat dissipation perspective.  You couldn't do video chats without the CPU overheating and being throttled.

    My MPB is my 20th Mac and it's the best of the bunch.  (Sorry, I decided to mix things up.  Usually people only list how many Apple devices they've owned before they say something bad about current Apple Inc.)
    Yeah, MBPwT is marginally better but when you use it while its plugged into power palm rest gets too hot. On Battery its OK. Also living in a tropical climate makes the borderline 'too hot' situation even worse. If I lived in a cold place I am sure I wouldn't notice.
  • Apple planning lower cost MacBook Air for second quarter of 2018

    pentae said:
    After going from the Macbook Air to the Macbook Pro (fully specced out) I have wanted to go back to my Macbook Air. It was and still is a much, much better computer. The new MBP's (I'm on my 2nd) run too hot and chew through the battery. I feel like i'm typing on a sweaty ball sack. The new lineup of MBP's is absolute garbage.
    BS.  I've been using a MBP with Touch Bar since they were introduced and it rarely gets even warm and lasts all day.  The MBA was underpowered, so there is no way you are doing what you used to do on the MBA and having shorter battery life and higher temps.
    Comparing it to what? Have you owned a MBA? The non touchbar model has one fan (the touchbar model has two) do you know how I know this? because the palm rest was 35 degrees C and too hot to use comfortably so I had to return it for a touchbar model just to get a palm rest thats a few degrees cooler because of the second fan. Worst computer Apple have made in at least 15 years. I could write thousands of words on why the new MBP is utter garbage. I'm sorry you've never experienced anything better.