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  • Apple debuts redesigned online store with dedicated 'Store' tab

    crowley said:
    elijahg said:
    Why does the content always align with the left side of the top menu? Looks pretty stupid at anything wider than 1024 pixels...

    What you're seeing is a very common design pattern -- a centered content column. But in this case the "cards" scroll horizontally, so they continue to the right. Or the left:

    You can find this design pattern everywhere. Like on this very website:

    You'd think they'd have tried looking tab their own website on their own Pro Display XDR, in which case they'd have seen how weird it looks.
    How do you mean weird? Countless websites have a centered content column. Like AI's homepage. 

    And Yahoo:

    And Amazon:

    And CNN:

    And MacRumors:'s not weird. It's an extremely common design pattern that's over a decade old. 

    Have you never maximized your browser on any popular website before? Very confused how you folks think this is new or unique to Apple. The only difference is Apple's Store page has "cards" that scroll horizontally across the width...but it's the same centered column:

    You're asking me what's weird and then highlighting exactly what's weird?  The horizontal scrolling sections sticking out of the sides of a central focus is precisely what's weird.  

    Apple should gradient those carousels out, or balance them with a background in some way.  Looks silly otherwise, like someone forgot to finish the job.
  • Apple's HomePod, HomePod mini 'largely absent' in smart speaker market

    MacPro said:
    Cheap, low quality often wins out in certain markets, look at VHS history.  Perhaps they shouldn't be in the same category in the first place.  HomePods are genuine music speakers which can hardly be said for the Amazon speakers.
    If you can play music out of it then it's definitely a speaker.
  • Amazon slammed with $887 million fine by EU privacy regulators

    gatorguy said:
    IreneW said:
    Why are all these, apparently American, posters complaining about EU (or, in this case, an individual member state) fining a company for violating GFPR? In Europe we actually have a law that says we, as individuals, own our data. That is not the case in the US, where companies may, more or less freely, buy and sell your private information.
    You should be glad EU makes sure there are mechanisms implemented to protect privacy, it may come in handy once you get your legislators to work for you (and not for the highest bidding lobbyist).
    I'm curious how the EU regards credit bureaus and industry-specific data aggregators, ie insurance. Do you know?  Can credit bureaus still sell personally identifiable data for marketing purposes as they've always done, one example perhaps selling a list of consumers with financial and family demographics indicating insurance or credit extension needs, and can certain consumer-facing industries still maintain trade databases to share between themselves? Almost all of that has traditionally been beyond consumer control beyond a few basic opt-ins and review options. One GDPR exception makes this a bit hazy and as I read it the data collection and (re)use may be permitted:
    • when there are legitimate interests – for example, if your bank uses your personal data to check whether you'd be eligible for a savings account with a higher interest rate
    There are mixed understandings of what GDPR means for credit rating agencies and the practices of selling data:
  • Tim Cook, other CEOs urge Congress to pass citizenship path for Dreamers

    Congress needs to institute at least a ten year ban on any government-provided benefits to those who come to this country illegally (should probably be longer for illegals) or legally.  This could help ensure that those who are coming genuinely want to work hard and make a better life for themselves, not merely take taxpayer funded benefits.  Those who also come here need to be formally educated about our history and form of Constitutional Republic to help ensure we don't just get more people here from socialist or communist nations looking to push to convert our nation.  There are enough of those nations already.  
    Education is a government provided benefit.  And would you refuse them police and fire services too?  Are their savings in the bank not guaranteed by the federal government? 

    And if they can't draw on it, then it follows that immigrants should be excused from paying social security, and there, you've just made it more attractive to hire immigrants.

    Incidentally, the thread is about dreamers, people who came to the United States as children, so your points are barely relevant to them anyway.
  • Apple's record $81.4 billion Q3 obliterates Street expectations

    jdw said:
    lkrupp said:
    Hey AppleInsider, social media sites are removing disinformation, lies, and conspiracy theories about Covid-19 and the vaccines. Why aren’t you doing the same? There are now a number of these bullshit posts from that crowd in this thread. Do your duty to protect the truth.
    Leave AppleInsider alone!  Leave people spreading lies alone!  It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, friend.  If some crazy wants to preach the world is FLAT, let them.  A few Jim Jones crazies will follow the lies, but most of the population will not be deceived.  The most worrisome thing these days isn't the crazies or lies.  It's suppression of speech in the name of the greater good.  Time to read George Orwell, friend.  I get much more of an eery feeling from those who wish to censor others than I do from the crazies who spread lies.
    Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from response, or freedom from being told to shut up by your peers.  I find it quite ironic that you're enjoying exercising your right to respond while getting stroppy about others exercising theirs.