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  • Apple invites select developers to Apple silicon Mac labs ahead of launch

    For example:   I installed Windows 10 under Bootcamp on my grandson's MacBook and it is good that I did because without it he would not have been able to use it for Cyberschool.    Likewise, last night, he tried doing a math assignment on his iPad -- but it would only display 9 or the 30 problems he had to solve because it wouldn't scroll.   He shifted over to his now Windows 10 MacBook and completed the assignment.

    Personally, I would want to hear all of the pluses and the minuses of an Apple Silicon Mac before sinking a grand or two into one.
    I am having trouble with this. My experience is that some course content delivery sites are not compatible with mobile devices. I have also seen sites that are incompatible with Chromebooks. When it comes to Windows and Macs, I have never seen the need to use Windows to the exclusion of Macs. There are some sites that require the Chrome browser. However, the Mac version of Chrome works as well as the Windows version of Chrome. Microsoft Edge, Microsoft's new browser, is based on Chrome. However, Microsoft offers Edge for the Mac as well as for Windows.
  • Dell abandons its remaining Android tablets, 6 months after HP

    gatorguy said:
    mr. me said:
    Say, what? There is no "tablet market." There is an iPad market and cheap imitation hangers-on. The iPad was never conceived of as a traditional computer replacement.... But the assertion that this was a widely held view is a bit much.
    I don't know how you missed all the "Post-PC" world claims, many from right here at AI. Of course it was widely believed traditional laptops and notebooks were passe' with the arrival of the iPad. Widely of course does not mean everyone or even most. You use "widely believed" to say that something is known, or believed or supported by many people. I think it meets the definition. Do a search for "Post-PC" and note the stories from 2010-2014 predicting or claiming that time has arrived with the advent of the iPad.
    I missed nothing. What you are describing is not Post-PC, but rather a PC in a different form factor. Yes, there were people who believed that we should have been rendering CGI video and developing software on our iPads. I call these people "idiots." Although there were and are more of these people than I would like, I remain unconvinced that their numbers are large enough to classify their view as "widely held."
  • DiskWarrior

    I've been using Disk Warrior from the earliest version 2. It worked fine until version 4 came out. It would slow down my mac and crash it so I had to reinstall OS X. After almost 4 years I have read all those "nice" reviews about this new update on version 5 and I purchased it again, which I regret now very much. Although, I have to say that It didn't crash my macs like version 4 did, but it still slows them down more then twice. Before I run DW 5 on my macs, I've tested the speed of the drives with 'Blackmagic Disk Speed Test' (this is a simple softwere to test read and write speed of your hard drive) and after running Disk Warrior 5 the speed of my macs become twice or more slower then it was before. I will never ever buy anything from Alsoft and would never ever recomend it to anyone.
    All those "nice" reviews are true. If you have problems that DiskWarrior has not repaired, then it is logical to suspect that your problem is one that DiskWarrior cannot repair. Among problems that DiskWarrior or any other software cannot repair is media damage.

    Since Apple added journaling to HFS+ with the introduction of MacOS X 10.3 or so, routine maintenance has been virtually unnecessary. However, there may be occasional damage created by unexpected shutdowns due to power interruptions and such like. Following such events, running File System Check in Single User Mode will fix just about any conceivable file system issue:

    1. Restart
    2. Press [cmd] + [S] while OS X reboots.Your Mac will boot into a fullscreen CLI that assumes that you want to run File System Check (fsck). Follow the instructions on the screen.
    3. If the file system has been completely repaired, then type exit as the command prompt. Else, rerun fsck.
    4. After the exit command, fsck will clean up and return your computer to the OS X GUI.
  • Hackers trying to bribe Apple workers into handing over login information, report says

    freerange said:
    Better - set up a sting, arrest them, lock them up and throw away the key. Untitled l these people are aggressively pursued and prosecuted nothing will change. 
    As long as there are incentives, there will be people willing to take great risks for the rewards. 

    This is probably an excellent reason ALL Apple logins and passwords should be replaced with either Touch ID or the combination of Touch ID and a password, so no one, not even Apple could access user data.
    I'm not so sure. On your iOS device with Touch ID enabled, you must reenter your passcode every 48 hours. From this I infer that Touch ID is a convenience, but that passcodes provide superior security.
  • Apple R&D, property investments reach all-time highs in Q1

    stevie said:
    Apple doesn't need to spend as much on R and D as other companies because they have the best engineers in the business.
    OMG. That is not how research works.
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