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  • AirPods with more features, new studio quality headphones possibly coming from Apple in 20...

    roake said:
    So noise canceling isn’t a natural progression of AirPods but has to be some pro version where they can charge more money?
    Something with an AirPods like design can’t be noise canceling. Please stop acting so foolish. Apple made the EarPods design so air can flow through easily. It makes it much more comfortable to wear than the competition.
    ”The Cupertino, California-based company is working on new AirPods with noise-cancellation and water resistance, the people said. Apple is trying to increase the range that AirPods can work away from an iPhone or iPad, one of the people said. You won’t be swimming in them though: The water resistance is mainly to protect against rain and perspiration, the people said.”
    Ouch!  That left a mark!
    Nope, it really didn't. The guy quoting the post still hasn't understood what racerhomie3 wrote.

    rogifan_new asked why "noise canceling isn’t a natural progression of AirPods but has to be some pro version where they can charge more money?".

    The answer still remains that the current AirPods form factor is not good for turning it into noise cancelling buds, and it will take a redesign and advanced features 

    Whether those are still called AirPods is irrelevant (and obviously Apple will want to reuse an already iconic name). But whether they're called AirPods or not, models with noise cancelling will need new components and new design - and thus are going to have to cost more money anyway (not just because of some "greed").

  • No Lightning or USB-C in a future iPhone is a very bad idea

    qwwera said:
    I can’t wait. Charging cables have always been the worst part of phone ownership and wireless chargers work amazing. 
    The sooner the better.
    I wish you a painful death of your future port-less phone and the need to use a wired device with it.

  • Disgruntled MacBook Pro users petition Apple to recall defective keyboards

    Stop whining losers.
    Are you a troll, a 13-year old that doesn't understand the issue, or perhaps an idiot?

    Let's see if buying a MacBook Pro and then having your keyboard stop responding because of some grain or dust would change your tune.
  • Disgruntled MacBook Pro users petition Apple to recall defective keyboards

    vukasika said:
    Sniff, sniff.... I smell butthurt
    You smell users with a legitimate complain, that want their expensive machines to work well, and to not have defective or badly engineered parts.

    I do however smell a teenager with immature language and knee-jerk responses.

  • Apple's iPhone unlikely to recover eroded Chinese marketshare, analyst argues

    ivanh said:
    iPhone is a 10-year-old OLD product no matter how you spin its evolutions.  
    So? The internet is 50+ years old, and I don't see you moving out of it anytime soon...

    Or how about electricity? Has it gone out of style?
    Apple needs to move forward and explore something new for everyone.  
    Really? Like which other company?
    Not car, not TV, not service, not VR, not AR.  

    A magical pony perhaps?