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  • AirPods Pro use custom silicone ear-tip, basically non-repairable

    and have found that it is still essentially not user repairable at all

    Because otherwise users regularly repair their other bluetooth earphones?
  • Spotify says subscriber growth now doubles Apple Music

    I don't see how Spotify's metrics are relevant.

    For one, everybody (including Apple) knows that Apple Music is 90% for the Apple ecosystem users.

    Those, if one includes all macOS/iOS users, are still much smaller compared to Android and Windows users.

    And Apple doesn't much care about those others (even if they will e.g. make a client for Android, like they have a Windows iTunes).

    So I don't think Apple expects to get the non-iOS/macOS part of the market, and thus doesn't expect to ever be larger than someone that does...
  • Apple said to launch noise-cancelling 'AirPods Pro' in October

    DAalseth said:
    Well, they'd better hurry. October is rapidly running out.

    hentaiboy said:
    The Pencil will be next.
    Ah yes the Apple Pencil Pro. The big difference is that it comes with replaceable "Crunch Pads" so you can chew on it like a real pencil. LOL
    Well, such pencils (with similar pressure sensitivity, rotation sensor, etc) started as a very pro market for professional artists, designers, animators, etc, where the tablet cost $1000 or so, and the pencil cost a a good $100 or so itself (and with worse performance than the Apple Pencil, and more limited feature set/cpu than the iPad -- heck, I paid $600 for a non-graphics Wacom tablet alone back in 2010 or so).
  • Apple said to launch noise-cancelling 'AirPods Pro' in October

    hentaiboy said:
    Because noise cancelling is such a “Pro” feature...

    The Pencil will be next.

    Well, professionals are the ones who mostly use/need ANC. That was true even back in the day when NC was passive, and the pros that used it where jackhammer operators, airport staff and the like.

    ANC is mostly for workers in noisy offices, frequent work-related airplane flights, etc. 

    The average Joe can go on their once a year or so flight for vacations or whatever without ANC...

  • NBA stars tout Powerbeats Pro in new ad

    The crappiest pair of earbuds/headphones I’ve ever used. Lousy sound quality, glitchy set up, loud for the people around you at a normal volume level (you might get kicked out of a plane if you listened at normal volume levels), cheap build quality, poor fit. I returned it the next day for a full refund. 

    Apple should not have released this POS product. Certainly not at the price they did. It’s an embarrassment. 
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