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  • Apple expected to release iPad Pro, MacBook Pro with Mini LED displays

    tjwolf said:
    Kuo previously predicted - and other analysts have jumped on that bandwagon as well - that Apple would produce a 16" MacBook Pro this year.  Just a few days ago, I saw an article claiming that production is ramping up and that it'll be released in October.  Is Kuo changing his tune - or is this 16" beast just an interim solution until these miniLED Macs come?  Doesn't seem likely to me that Apple would introduce a new high end 16" this year and then immediately render it "obsolete" the following.
    Kuo says in today's quote that "the MacBook Pro will have between 15 and 17-inch screens". So why would the "16 beast just [be] an interim solution"? It IS the machine that will feature the miniLEDs....
  • Apple TV+ will struggle to meet European quotas for local content at launch

    razorpit said:
    Did not know this law existed. Does Europe have this requirement for any other industry such as manufacturing? 
    Both the US and Europe have such requirements for all kinds of industries, and have had since forever. Those are part of trade agreements and tariffs. The US however doesn't have one such for movies/shows, because Americans are provincial and not very world-aware, and don't consume as much foreign movies/shows in the first place, compared to any other country (closer to zero, with small exceptions such as anime, though even those are niche when it comes to the general public). Even for music, the mainstream American audiences barely listen to anything not American (or, at best, British).
  • Apple TV+ will struggle to meet European quotas for local content at launch

    firelock said:
    Thank you for this article. This explains why there is so much European-produced TV content popping up in Hulu (Das Boot), HBO (Chernobyl), etc. I think EU over-regulation is going to really hamper Internet companies operating there, and ultimately not serve the public interest. The “right to be forgotten” rule for example, while they make exceptions for “public” figures, is very gray in a number of areas and could be used to withhold valuable information from the public. It also places an undue burden on the providers to figure out who can make a legitimate takedown request and who cannot.
    As a European, it's certainly in the public interest not to have 100% American shows in the dominating subscription services...
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  • Apple TV+ will struggle to meet European quotas for local content at launch

    rob53 said:
    I guess the US could do the same thing to France and other EU companies, force them to include 30% of US created whatever for them to be able to sell in the US.
    They could, but the US would have more to lose, than the EU, seeing as the EU consumes tons of US movies/shows, and the US consume almost none european ones. So, yeah, bring it on!
    Now I just have to think about what French items I actually purchase. Lets also force France to set aside 16% of the sale of their wine (what else?) in the US for developing American wineries. Let's just be fair.
    I don't expect Americans to know much about the world, anyway, but you seem like you'd be surprised to learn that the US has lots of such tariffs in place itself, for all kinds of industries.

    How about taking off that MAGA hat?
  • Google Chrome update corrupting some macOS installs -- but there's a fix

    Why would anyone on a Mac ditch Safari for Chrome is beyond me. This piece o garbage is a resource hog on par with some scientific computing programs I’m running.
    Because Chrome is more stable. Safari has random slowdowns all the time and the ocassional crash... I don't care about Chrome using more memory / battery (I'm plugged in), as long as its faster.