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  • Developer of BlueMail sues Apple over 'Sign in with Apple,' App Store 'monopoly'

    An ever mounting pile of evidence that not only is the patent system totally buggered and rigged to be run by profiteering asshats, but also that most of the US is fucked up beyond recognition in terms of intelligence, or lack thereof.
    That pile exists. But this case seems pretty clear cut in favor of the accuser. They indeed had patented prior art, whether we like it or not.
  • Garmin takes on Apple Watch with OLED-based Venu, Marvel wearables

    Lol. I thought it said these were made to compete? At virtually the same price as the Apple Watch, what’s the benefit?
    Not being locked to Apple, sturdier, better for activity, more focused on the essential functionality, way more battery life, among other things...
  • macOS Catalina beta hints Apple is building Catalyst versions of Messages and Shortcuts

    I’d rather see Apple do their apps in SwiftUI as Catalyst seems to be a mostly transitional stopgap measure with SwiftUI being the promised land. 
    Those are orthogonal. Catalyst is the shared libs and frameworks, and it isn't going anywhere (no "stopgap"). And SwiftUI is just a new UI layer (which can be used along with Catalyst).
  • Tim Cook being 'intrusive' to Hollywood in quest for family-friendly video fare

    Dave Kap said:
    Once again, sources said.. one person... one producer... or... the actual launch may not occur...

    I sure wish AppleInsider would stop running these ‘someone said” stories... or at least start them out with: the following article is not based on fact - just rumors or innuendo so people know what they are reading.

    Added: If these “producers” or people don’t like working with Apple then they should quit.  

    You must be new here. Appleinsider started and more or less remains an Apple rumors site. What do you think "Appleinsider" even means? It's because the site supposedly had "insider" sources, or good access to inside Apple info. Once it's a verified story you can read it in all kinds of media, even prime time TV news. We come here to read upcoming stuff, and Apple is not open about them most of the time...
  • Intel's newly launched 8th-generation processors could power refreshed MacBook and MacBook...

    nunzy said:
    I hate Intel. Apple should make their own chips. Intel sucks.
    Compared to what? Non-chips or the imaginary chips Apple would make?

    Remember when Apple used custom chips (with IBM and co) and they couldn't deliver new faster/cooler CPUs while the PC world moved on?

    At least by going with Intel you're at worst at the same fate as the rest of the industry.