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  • Google is being sued after bad map directions led a man to his death

    I don't know but that concrete barricade looks old...the orange one looks new.  I suspect the concrete barricade has been there for some time and yes on a dark or stormy night it might not be obvious....I suspect hitting that concrete barricade at a high rate of speed might have been the cause of the accident....  Probably it should be reflective painted or well lit or the new orange barricade in front....  Under no circumstance is Google to blame...the driver and the road maintance dept maybe.  Ultimately the driver is responsible for where a vehicle is the driver's responsibility to not drive where it is dangerous not the world's job to softly prevent them from doing so.
  • Jean-Louis Gassee doesn't know who an iPad is for, and thinks you don't either

    I am an older IT guy and programmer..

    I no longer need high end computer power, Apple Silicon exceeds my current needs...maybe if 3d stuff really happens I'll need more.

    I loved my 2nd Gen iPad...had to replace the screen 3x and now it is mostly retired to playing music and simple things in my shop where it will probably continue to be abused until it dies.  I haven't been able to replace it though I very much want to, I had high hopes when the Pros came that maybe it would evolve toward the Mac....maybe an M2 or similar one day.  If only it could run a few critical Mac apps I could almost give up my MacBook.  My GF uses her iPad Air for hours everyday.  She has a new laptop and an iPhone13 and the iPad is her go to device for entertainment.  For myself I prefer the big screen TV but she actually prefers to stream video on her own device close up.  Add AirPods and she can consume all the net has to offer for hours on end.  And of yes the iPad does mostly the same stuff as the iPhone but frankly the bigger screen is nice for video and reading etc...

    Give me an iPad that can run the few Mac only apps I need, and provide a connection to a nice sized monitor (2.5k or 4k) and a keyboard and mouse option and I am set.  I find I often don't need the accessories but when I am working at a desk which is 50% of the time..given MacOS apps even a good sized iPad with on screen keyboard and I would be able to do the lighter away from the desk stuff and then 'dock it' for the serious more desktop, or laptop required...still need the phone, or maybe watch for true on the go activities.  

    Apple:  Please provide an ipad (maybe only Pro or some other 'model') that can run some form of MacOS that allows for full Mac apps and not just stuff from the app store with all the restrictions.  I accept the user experience might be more complex or 'dangerous' but no more than on my Mac.  I need a truly flexible platform when working outside the box and yes MacBook air is nice but just make it in the iPad pro removable KeyBoard/Mouse format please.
  • Apple wants to make the iPad more laptop-like with iPadOS 16

    I Think it is time to integrate....a MacBook air with full OSX functionality, with a detachable 12-14 inch iPad as a screen.  House whatever bits whereever they need to be (screen or keyboard platform) and make it a decent M1 level performer with 32GB and 1TB options with a base price around MB Air or iPad Pro levels and I am others I know will buy one without thinking twice...  Apple keeps things separate as they like but integrated to provide the best experience of both.  You could sell the 'Pad part' alone with the option to 'upgrade' to a full Mac experience by getting the keyboard dock or sell it as one combined unit for some moderate discount....I know I am not the only one thinking this might work, and not be a Surface rerun.
  • Initial iFixit teardown of M1 iMac reveals big changes, tiny parts

    I think a small third party external battery pack that has a power pass thru and is stuck over the existing port on the machine and anchored security to the back would be a nice product (color matched of course),  it would use the existing magnetic cable as input so you get to keep all the benefits of that too...not sure it would sell in a big enough volume, given how unlikely the cord being pulled might could serve as a short term UPS too in power challenged areas...this way it doesn't go inside with the associated issues and is available to only those that want it.  If I see a spec sometime on that apple connector and have some time I might even build one.
  • Apple Silicon M1 24-inch iMac review: Computing power for the masses

    What I want to see in Apple Silicon for the Pro or upper level machines to differentiate them is a Super Core.

    Adding more cores and all is good, though in practice I see 8 or so as the real useable limit...Without intentionally launching multiple high use apps,
    which I grant is a thing some people need and do.  But I would like to see a Super Core or Two.  Given machine that potentially has 12-16 cores I would rather see
    2 efficiency Cores 6 Standard Performance Cores and one or more Super Cores that run at double or more the performance core speed.

    For some Applications more cores makes little difference aside from not distracting the computation.
    But the compute core would benefit much more from 2 or 4 times the performance in a single core.

    So sure give us more cores but how about planning for a Super Core or two.
    This would set apart the Pro line and for a time also give Apple a bargain point for those software situations where single core performance is king.