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  • Apple wants iPhone to be proof of identity and replace passports

    Neeeever gonna happen. Don't dream on that.
  • First look: Apple's new 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support

    Honestly, this was an ultra boring event. I couldn't watch that video entirely without skipping all the time. That iPad update could have been announced through their website and a press note to the best news sites, papers and magazines. At $300 that iPad is far from budget for education. You still have to buy the pencil that doesn't come with it, also have to buy a keyboard because it is a must have accessory, a really good case and maybe pay for the Apple Care. So, we are talking about $700 or more here. If that's affordable... Doesn't Apple know that kids drop things all the time? That kids lose things all the time? That shiny iPad with its edge-to-edge glass display is too delicate for the kind of abuse they'll get from kids. And that Apple Pencil is TOO EXPENSIVE! for a thing your kid can lose too easy or break its lighting connector. Apple is clearly not in touch with reality here. That affordable and realistic iPad for education should be really good plastic casing with rubber bumper edges and a little gap front and back for the best drop protection out-of-the-box. Kids don't need shiny hardware, they need tough ones. It should come with the pencil, a tough and cheaper version of it ($30) that works exactly the same, and with a smart keyboard, because give me a break! This iPad doesn't even support the smart keyboard. This is a bad joke. An affordable iPad for education should be that bundle for $300 if they want to be competitive. But what I get from this announcement is that Apple doesn't want everybody to get their hands on their devices, but just the privileged ones. Clearly that's their vision. Also it isn't a worldwide plan. Normal schools around the world can't even think about the iPad as an education device, only the more expensive schools can ask their parents for it and can't get the iPad education discount. This is a shame. Apple is really an gigantic company that can do way better for almost everybody to get it touch with this technology. But it seems they can't accept making less money for the cause.
  • Apple iCloud account sign-in, web apps suffer hours-long outage [u]

    Apple is in a difficult situation trying to offer web services on par with Google and still lacking big time. Meanwhile we as users are not getting the "it just works" philosophy.
  • French, German ministers to meet in push to counter encrypted messaging apps

    So lets say the can access telegram messages, whatsapp, messages, facebook messenger, signal, you name it. So what? What counter terrorism does it solves? Terrorist have enough money to create an app like that and simply share it between them privately. Maybe they even have that app. What the hell they are going to do then? WHAT? Ask terrorist to give them the encryption key? Gime me a break!
  • Apple adds 100 emoji to latest iOS 10 beta, promotes diversity and gender equality

    Dropping the "real gun" emoji for a water gun is the most absurd thing. Nobody is going to change its way of thinking because an emoji. And a water gun doesn't translate the same message, even if it is only a joke (like 99.9% of the time it is used). I think some guys at Apple are way too sensitive and distracted.
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