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  • Turkey's president calls for boycott of Apple products

    The cheese has been moved. Just like everyone else, they'll jump up and down, make a lot of noise, and then when the tantrum is over, things will settle back down and it'll end up being better than before.
  • Apple support page discusses iPhone performance management, throttling options in iOS 11.3...

    Wish they would have made this feature into a 3 position slider in Battery Settings, so the user could choose the level of throttling, like this: Performance Management: Off, Mild, Aggressive. Not letting the user turn the feature on/off but requiring the phone to have an unexpected shutdown to re-enable management is obnoxious.
  • Google tries to fight wide ARKit compatibility with its own augmented reality initiative A...

    Oh, oh, oh, me too, meeee toooo! Google = the new Microsoft
    anton zuykovwatto_cobrawilliamlondon
  • Apple alumni reveal HomeKit-compatible Latch C smart lock for business, apartments

    Required monthly subscription? No way in hell.

    $299.00? Sorry, that's just way too expensive. I understand it's electronic and neato, but $300? Dream on. The right price would be $150. Same with all the competition. Regular key dead bolts are $30-50. Electronic combo dead bolts are $80. Anyone who wants to charge $300 just because it's WiFi enabled is insane. Anyone who spends $300 for this is just as insane.

    Six AA batteries? Again, holy friggin cow! Ok, I understand it takes a fair amount of juice to run WiFi and turn the locking motor. Ha, everyone knows "normal" use will chew through the batteries in 6 months... How about two lithium 9-volt batteries instead? Rechargeable ones. Easy insert battery sockets (no cheap snap-on caps w/wires).
  • YouTube TV comes to 14 more US cities like Boston, Seattle & Pittsburgh

    I find it curious that we're geographically restricting content on the INTERNET. Who cares what city you live in? This is the friggin Internet! Wasn't one of the original goals of the Internet to provide unrestricted global access? (I mean geographically, I don't mean free reign to access anyone's server/PC/device connected to it.) Second point: Why are so many organizations in the entertainment industry still not getting it? People are "cutting the cord" on cable/satellite because of STUPID BUNDLES. Holy shit, get a damn clue already. YouTube TV is just another stupid bundle delivered over a different distribution medium. No friggin different than cable. Good god almighty.
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