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  • Rare Pegasus screenshots depict NSO Group's spyware capabilities

    applguy said:
    Nice looking UI. Also glad I am a nobody. No reason to spy on me unless they want to know what we’re having for dinner. 
    It's actually a pretty terrible UX by 2022 standards. But since the datestamps in the picture are from nearly 10 years ago, its likely that the current UX is styled much differently than what you see here.  I am surprised to see that it is apparently a fat windows client, rather than a web ux - but again, 10 years old so who knows how it is delivered today.
  • Steve Jobs' hero Buckminster Fuller thought Apple II was a toy

    Editor: I’m Taylor Barcroft, the witness in the story. Please correct the spelling of my last name as is misspelled the second time in the story as “Barcraft” instead of the correct “Barcroft”. Thank you for telling that story.
    I hope they fix it, but as I always say - the article is published, the clicks are happening, the banner ads are serving, and the author will get their dime. So why would they bother fixing it up when they're already on to the next story that will also be full of typos. Real journalism that includes a commitment to quality is dead. And it happens pretty much everywhere on the internet.
  • Apple takes down online Apple Store for 'updates' [u]

    Alrescha said:
    Roderikus said:
    If you can’t maintain a virtual store while upgrading, you shouldn’t be in the online business.

    “It’s a common failing, and it’s been with the race as long as it has had social organization. A little business man thinks his tiny business is as complex and difficult as the whole government. By inversion, he conceives himself as competent to plan the government as the chief executive. Going further back in history, I’ve no doubt that many a peasant thought the job of the king was a simple one and that he could do it better if he only had a chance. What it boils down to is lack of imagination and overwhelming conceit”  --Robert A. Heinlein. “Beyond This Horizon.” (1948)

    Except this is not what it's about. As another poster pointed out, of course Apple could just update the store items without taking the whole store down first. They're a 12-figure company with a rather small selection (compared to stores like amazon or walmart) of high-quality items. But taking the store down for a bit is not dissimilar to how manhattan nightclubs work. They hold the line to get in to make it artificially longer, even when there is plenty of capacity, to create a sense of exclusivity that everyone then wants to experience. The difference with Apple is with you leave with some awesome tech instead of a $400 bar tab and a hangover.
  • Apple agrees to $50M settlement in MacBook butterfly keyboard lawsuit

    AniMill said:
    “ Apple denied any wrongdoing…” 

    Ummm, I have great respect for most Apple products and business practices, but the Butterfly Keyboard was an unmitigated disaster in design and durability. I understand they have to deny culpability, but they should send this bill to Jony Ive. Maybe this (along with the Apple Watch tree removal fiasco) were the real reasons they pushed him out, and cut ties to his new venture.
    To be clear, there is no wrongdoing here. Wrongdoing in the legal sense means with nefarious intent. Clearly Apple did not intend to make everyone's life miserable with this terrible keyboard design.
  • Apple plans to slow hiring, spending in some teams in 2023

    No, it comes a week _before_ Apple is slated to announce Q3 earnings.