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  • RCS is still half-baked, and Apple has no reason to adopt it

    "[RCS] is too little, too late unless Google makes significant changes and improvements"

    Andrew, I appreciate the article, but i'm curious about this statement. What significant changes to RCS should Google make? You don't bother to elaborate on any of that in the article. You mentioned that RCS doesn't support e2ee out of the box, but Google has already added it for one-on-one messages while groups are still in the clear. Is there anything else?
  • Attackers hit iOS and Android devices with spyware in Italy and Kazakhstan

    docbburk said:
    It's funny how The "geniuses" in congress and and EU keep trying to force apple to let alternative app stores and sideloading.  Crap like this shows another reason apple is right and they are just stages for the likes of Epic games, google, and bad actors. 
    You realize it was Google who identified this operation and alerted the public about it?
  • The best apps to use with Sidecar for iPad and Mac users

    one of my favorite use cases for sidecar is to have a few different iOS Simulator instances (SE, Mini, Pro, Max)  up on one dedicated screen.
  • New iOS 16 Developer Mode may be preview of third-party app store toggle

    rob53 said:
    I want, no DEMAND, that this Developer Mode setting include a way for the iPhone operator/owner to lock out the ability for it to be changed by anyone except the iPhone user as defined in iCloud settings. Further, I want to make sure the iCloud settings require either a password, passkey or something no person other than the logged in user has access to. I CHOOSE to only use the Apple App Store and since it's my device with my personal information on it, I have a right to protect that information, especially from non-governmental people, like developers. I CHOOSE what goes on my OS devices, not developers or governments. A "bad actor" has several ways to get past any iOS setting but it's more difficult when there aren't settings that would easily allow the beginning of opening an iOS device. This mode is a semi-locked door when it currently is a wall with no way to get through. 
    I don't quite understand this rant. The setting is part of the phone OS and thus will be protected by your passcode/biometrics? A bad actor would be required to have physical access to your unlocked phone, then enable this setting, reboot, etc. It's not like anyone can just do it remotely. So nothing about this setting violates any of your freedoms to choose what software you put on your phone or from where it comes, etc.

    Sure, let's suggest the user be required to re-authenticate their AppleID as well if it will make you sleep better at night. But that is completely aside from any rant about limiting your choice. This setting actually gives everyone more choice.

    I do understand and agree with posts wanting tight controls around this setting for kids' phones. I'm sure that is part of the final solution if not already there.
  • Apple fails bid to shut down refiled Cydia antitrust lawsuit

    sflocal said:
    Nonsense.  People like you, wannabe developers, will literally make stuff up to further your agenda.  Whiners like you are not Apple's customers.  WE are Apple's customers, not developers, not you.  

    You want the Wild West, go to Android and be done with it.
    Wow, is it really necessary to attack people and call them names like wannabe and whiner?
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