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  • Channel checks, sales data on HomePod likely as wrong as it was about Apple Watch in 2015

    Silma said:
    You present Apple Watch like a success.
    It is, and it isn't.
    It's a 5 billion plus business, which is impressive. But remember that for most, and most probably for Apple Insider too, it was the product that was supposed to be the next big thing, the next iPhone.
    It certainly hasn't, and certainly won't. In this sense, the Apple Watch, like all the other so-called intelligent watches, is a joke.

    This is awesome. You take facts about the Watch – massive revenue, top-selling smart watch, greater unit sales as a product than the entire Swiss watch industry - and dismiss all that success as "a joke".

    In its place, you offer this measure of "success": the laughably vague, completely meaningless, absolutely unmeasurable, and never-actually-said-by-anyone "it was supposed to be the next big thing". That's your business target by which an amazingly successful product is "a joke".

    This is why Apple is remaking (and ruling) the watch world while you're watching Sailor Moon reruns in the basement.

  • Channel checks, sales data on HomePod likely as wrong as it was about Apple Watch in 2015

    larrya said:
    ...The HomePod is fatally flawed...  It will improve over time... 
    I don't think you understand the meaning of "fatally". : )
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  • Editorial: Thankful for iPhone X

    You were doing so well until you called MS Office “very good”. Did someone drop a frozen turkey on your head?

    (MS Office? Seriously?)
  • Luxury carmaker Genesis adds remote start feature through iPhone Google Assistant app

    zroger73 said:
    I wonder how long it will take for someone (or a child) to remotely start a car that is parked in a garage causing the entire family to die due to carbon monoxide poisoning?
    Little Billy has commandeered the iPhone; the rest of the entire family is gathered in a closed garage, with no way to stop the running car or leave the garage?

    I’m not getting the scenario here. . .
  • First look: The best iOS 11 features for iPad

    dysamoria said:
    [grrr... arghh... why can't we just have Matlock instead of all these new shows...]
    Thank you for the input, Grumps McCrotchety of Outrage Falls, Kvetchachussetts. 

    Over here in the real world, the new Control Center looks great. I wish we'd had it right from the start of the iOS 7 redesign (which, by the way, also continues to look flat-tastic).

    Looking forward to more great designs, Apple! Keep it comin'.