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  • Find My can find powered-off or wiped iPhones in iOS 15

    entropys said:
    genovelle said:
    …but how? 
    I’m guessing using UWB and the same tech used by AirTags so other Apple devices pings and reports it to the network. This why when it’s shut off it goes into super low power mode and only powers the Bluetooth low power. 
    No doubt. Next time I am hunted by the fascist imperial State Thought Police, turning of the phone won’t be enough, I will have to throw it in a passing truck bed unless I have a pencil. 

    /too many movies.
    You can also not enable it.
  • Find My can find powered-off or wiped iPhones in iOS 15

    I do a factory reset before I sell the phone. How can I still track the device, or even want to track it?
    You turn off activation lock and then wipe
  • Insultingly, Facebook continues to try to convince users that privacy-violating targeted a...

    I agree 100% with Apple blocking Facebook tracking. I do find it ironic that Apple insider blocks users from commenting when they are using an AD blocker in safari. Had to launch chrome to comment.
  • Cough analysis app could detect COVID-19 by sound alone

    This is an utter joke.  CDC says most people have 2.6 preexisting conditions who die, they don’t die from SARS-Cov2.  The cough could be from many other things.  
    Yes, this sounds like unsupportable nonsense.
    If I had died from my COVID battle earlier this year, my "pre-existing conditions" on my death certificate would have been "ionizing radiation exposure" and "Potential asbestos exposure," both from more than 20 years ago. Another pair of pre-existing conditions that would have been listed on my death certificate would have been "military vaccinations" and "steel plate in the left leg" from 1996. both unrelated. A fifth, depending on ICD-9 or ICD-10 is "ex-Submariner" which ended in 1999.

    So, four or five "pre-existing conditions," zero of which would have had to do with COVID.

    Funnily, if I got hit by a car tomorrow, four or five would be on my death certificate as pre-existing conditions, despite the car being what did me in. No matter what finally kills me, be it being decapitated in a sword battle in a warehouse with lightning all around, or just keeling over from one too many Old Bay potato chips, all these things will be on my death certificate.

    Other common pre-existing conditions include such winners as "ever pregnant," "ever had an ear infection," "ever had a broken bone," "ex-smoker" and so many more. Ever had your tonsils out? That counts. So does an appendix removal, a vasectomy, a tubal ligation, and so, so much more. All counted by the CDC.

    Both of you are misinterpreting what the CDC said by accident, not having read the original materials and going by what you've heard, or by believing what a venue has told you because I'd rather not consider the ramifications of either of you willfully misinterpreting what the study says. 

    Dial it back a bit. There's a lot in this thread that is over the commenting guidelines, including the use of the term "fake news" or a derivative.

    AI will not be your political battleground.
    I almost died from the regular flu last year and I personally know multiple people who’ve died from COVID. The fact is, people with severe underlying conditions are the ones most at risk. 99+% people suffer few or mild effects and fully recover. COVID is not the “end of the world” virus it has been portrayed as in the media and the subject itself is political, no matter how much that might be disputed.
    Tell that to the 200k+ who have died and 1000+ day who continue to die now. The problem is most people do NOT KNOW how susceptible they are to the virus. Also you conveniently leave out people who have not died but still have have issues due to the virus, probably for the rest of their lives.

    This virus is no joke. Your devaluation of it does not help anyone

  • Cough analysis app could detect COVID-19 by sound alone

    "CDC says most people have 2.6 preexisting conditions who die, they don’t die from SARS-Cov2."
    The preexisting conditions make them more susceptible and unable to fully fight the virus and so it has better chance taking hold.
    The preexisting conditions are NOT killing them: