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  • Apple updates 13-inch MacBook Pro, adding Touch Bar to entire range

    McJobs said:
    A premium Pro laptop with 128GB of soldered storage is a joke in 2019.

    They shoud be blasted for this just like them selling 16gb iPhones in 2017
  • HP, Microsoft, Google follow Apple in planning China production cuts

    So we are moving production out of the highest quality, lowest cost facilities in order to support a failing, trumped up trade war?

    As Winston Churchill pointed out:  "Americans always do the right thing -- after they've tried everything else"
    Good grief, everything is about Trump for some of you people. 

    Becoming reliant on manufacturing in a repressive Communist country that is our #1 geopolitical rival, one that refuses to enforce IP rights (have you seen Xiaomi’s new “Mimojis”???) and rips off everything American countries do with impunity, was a bad idea from the start. Shifting away from Chinese dependence was inevitable and is overdue.
    So much for "free" markets that repubs love to shout! The issue here is this could have been done with out taxing Americans on the goods they buy. Also what good is this going to even do for the US? It will just be another country making products with cheap "slave" labor instead of china. Does nothing to help american workers. Make no sense.
  • Jony Ive's departure reveals new details of Apple's car and TV plans

    "One of the designers present asked where Forstall was, and it was Ive who answered.
    "Scott isn't with us anymore," he reportedly said from the back of the room."

    Man they wouldn't even let him say goodbye to his team. What a burn
  • Apple Pencil gets impressive updates with iPadOS

    "If you're curious about Sidecar, and how it works in macOS Catalina, we already gave you a detailed look at how this new feature works, so we won't rehash it here."

    ??? Maybe a link to the detailed look would be a good idea Apple insider?
  • Proposed US Senate bill would hand $700M to rural telecoms to avoid Huawei & ZTE

    We already know how this will turn out. $700m will be handed to carriers, they will have 10 year dead line to remove all Huawei/ZTE. During that time they wil add a $1.15 fee to everyone's monthly bill and call it Federal upgrade tax. After 10 years they still will not have upgraded all the equipment and ask for an extension and more money from the government and increase the Federal upgrade tax monthly fee to $2.25. after about 20 years finally all the equipment will be updated and over paid by 1000% all by the federal government and Federal upgrade tax fee users pay. The fee will stay and then they will be back asking the federal government for more money to change out all the India equipment.