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  • Apple again pulls police monitoring app from Hong Kong app store [u]

    That's a smart -- and ethical -- move by Apple.   Law and order is good and should not be subverted.
    Ok, but Charlie don’t surf fellow comrade!
  • Apple creates Memoji tribute to US Women's World Cup victory

    matrix077 said:
    Equal pay? If, like some data suggested, they brought in more rating and more revenue, then they should be paid MORE. You should be paid according to your success and money you brought in pure and simple. 
    My company is great with trying to address equality, and during this tournament they produced a board showing that the USA women bring in significantly more revenue than the US men (for the World Cup), and they get paid so much less for doing more work (more games), because they’re actually good!
  • Apple spending up to $30M per movie to make award-winning Apple TV+

    LOL. They should make a show about computer neckbeards reading rumors on the internet and pretending they know a damn thing about managing anything, let alone the most successful public company in history....cuz reading these armchair executives sure is entertaining. "Apple doesn't know what they're doing! I am CONCERNED! Gahhh!"
    +1 !  Ha!
  • US Senate greenlights anti-robocalling bill to combat 'daily deluge'

     Who is the a-hole that voted against this? 
  • No, Apple's licensing of iTunes & AirPlay 2 isn't a 'strategy reversal' in any way

    robbyx said:
    Notsofast said:

    robbyx said:
    TVs supporting AirPlay2 and an iTunes app for TVs tell me two things:

    1) Apple has completely abandoned the idea of offering their own TV hardware (if that was ever really a possibility anyway)

    2) Apple's upcoming video service is going to be a lot more than just some free original content to sweeten the deal for existing Apple hardware owners (as some sources have suggested)

    Personally I'd like to see Apple make their TV app the center of the Apple TV experience.  Right now it's confusing with so many different apps and interfaces, some of which work with the TV app while others don't.
    This idea of an Apple TV never made any sense as Apple doesn't get into low margin, commoditized businesses unless it has something to differentiate it and command a suitable profit margin.  Heck, major players like Panasonic and Sony have been pulling back because low margin companies like Vizio have cannibalized sales as consumers can't tell a meaningful difference between the screens (for the most part, now that we are well into HD, 4K, etc., the TV's are all great), leaving the companies to compete on price--not Apple's market. 
    The correct thing to do - the best strategy would have been to make the Apple TV half as much and make it the premium offering over a Firestick but to populate the installed base of iOS with basic affordable set top boxes that would have rendered this conunumdrum already solved.

    The app on one and not the others and some available on old ones but not other old ones - these are terrible omens for this TV service and Apple TV. It’s already been handled the wrong way in the press, and it’s confusing already and most people don’t care about AirPlay 1 or 2. They just look at the phone. The End. If they want Apple content at all - they’d want iTunes and now it’s only in Samsung and Samsung QLED tech is well behind OLED. To say nothing of Tizen. 
    Apple TV is ridiculously overpriced.  I just had a (non-techie) friend text me a little while ago asking what to buy, Fire, Chrome Cast, or Roku.  I responded, since they are an Apple household, why not Apple TV?  Her response was simple: it's 3x more expensive and for what?

    I really don't understand what they are doing with Apple TV.  I have one and I like it, but aside from the Apple "experience", what does it offer over the competition?  Nothing.  I also agree that these latest announcements are not the best omens.  I'm confused, and I'm a seasoned Apple user.  Will the Samsung TVs only offer iTunes content?  Will they get the rumored TV service?  Is the TV service falling under the iTunes umbrella?  We shall see...
    And movie rentals are cheaper from Amazon and FandangoNow!  I’ll still pay the premium when I’m using my ATV on my main Panny plasma, but I save with other smart tv options on my Vizio.  Apple better lower their prices or how can they compete?