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  • AT&T rolls out mobile 5G service in 12 US cities, connection requires accompanying Netgear...

    AT&T & Netgear? There's a match made in hell.
  • Hands on: Apple's iPhone XR brings color and value to the 2018 lineup

    ireland said:
    ireland said:
    At €879 for a 64 GB LCD iPhone, I'm going to say it does not bring value. What it does however it bring the price of iPhones higher than last year. Higher and higher. What Apple has actually done in the past two years is of benefit mostly to shareholders. And the spoiled kids of rich people.
    Good news! The iPhone 7 is what, $499? "Value" very much depends on who's making the assessment.
    Actually, that two year old 32 GB iPhone starts at €539 here. But I’m clearly talking about new iPhones continually increasing in price. And the reality is at a certain point value doesn’t depends on who’s asking. €50 toilet roll is €50 toilet roll, and a new LCD phone that starts at almost €900 starts at almost €900. Shareholders, apologists, people with a lot of money and Apple bloggers—very few other people defend these price increases. It’s telling that Apple execs are all multi-millionaires. I’m not denying Apple make good hardware, I’m just pointing an awareness to the reality of new iPhones continually increasing in price.
    Mercedes Benz automobiles are expensive too, and are also escalating rapidly in price. both among (many) reasons I don't drive one. But do I visit Mercedes forums to troll and complain? No, I just drive a less expensive car that fits my needs.

    I suggest you jump into your Dodge Neon and head over to your local swap meet, and pick up a nice Moto G6. It's a great value proposition and I'm sure you'll be quite happy with it.

  • Apple Maps team spotted doing on-foot sensor recon in San Francisco

    I hope this guy has an armed bodyguard or two escorting him around the streets of The City. If they're not careful, some miscreant is gonna take this guy out and steal his gear. The streets of SF are NOT a safe place to roam with anything that looks valuable. He also needs a spotter to ensure that he doesn't step into any of the human waste lining the streets.
  • Bluetooth in iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max reportedly causing audio connectivity issues

    Zero issues with XS in my 2016 Golf R.
  • Potential UPS website error shows iPhone XS delivery dates pushed to Monday

    People complaining and coming unglued - on Twitter? Hard to believe! Mine was pushed to Monday, now is back to Friday. When it gets here, it gets here. I'll somehow manage to survive the weekend if it doesn't show tomorrow.