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  • Apple quietly kills off Siri-only Apple Music Voice Plan

    Oh man, if I had the Music Voice Plan (and could only listen to music using Siri) I probably wouldn't get to listen to much music haha. It works fine on my iPhone and MacBook but man is Siri dumber than a doornail with music requests on HomePods. I've got 4x Minis throughout the house and it's such a fight with amnesia Siri I just end up controlling playback from my phone or watch to avoid the frustration. Can't imagine having to RELY on Siri alone haha.
  • Apple releases iOS & iPadOS 17.0.2, watchOS 10.0.2 to select devices

    jamnap said:
    Note: there is a bug in watch 10 as it will not display any of the weather info on your watch.  wonder if this latest update is the fix
    Yes! I’ve been seeing the same with my new Series 9. Like sometimes I look at my watch and all the weather complications are blanked out.. and they won’t work again until I manually launch the weather app it seems. 
  • Ming-Chi Kuo predicts a dim future for Apple Vision Pro

    There are definitely use cases for enough people out there to make this product viable… otherwise, Apple would not be sinking R&D money into it lol. They know there is a market segment to exploit and eventually they will be able to bring the costs down to make it more affordable to the mass market, like many of their past devices. I am a merchant mariner myself, and I am dreaming of being able to slap a Vision Pro in my bag so I can have a 100” screen and surround sound strapped to my face while lying in my rack at night out to sea haha. A very limited usage case, but for example maybe you got some guys out there don’t have room for a giant screen in their apartments nor have someone they need to share it with eh? And my potential usage case is merely as a “toy”… there are plenty of professional uses for the Vision Pro with a larger potential customer base.
  • Amazon Prime Video won't be ad-free in 2024 without an additional charge

    Ya know, ever since Prime used to be $79 a year they send that same tired email, every flipping year, explaining how they justify increasing the cost of my Prime renwal by extolling the tremendous value that is Prime Video! We rarely ever watch anything on our "most expensive" streaming service (Prime video) that happens to include "free" 7-10 business day shipping (but yes of course, 2 day handling time prior to shipping if you read the terms and conditions sir!). Like f*ck gonna be paying Jeff Bezos any more money... At this rate, if I give them more hard-earned money, they'll be forced to slow my shipping times down again lo.
  • Apple has the world's second most loyal users -- after Netflix

    chasm said:
    Netflix was the first and the name is synonymous with internet videos. Every smart TV has it preinstalled.
    I was on Netflix in the early days, when they had more variety, but every year I look around to see if it can woo me back, and every year my main thoughts are "this is just like bad commercial TV, only without the commercials." Too much junk, not enough things I would be interested in, by tastes vary of course and mine are probably off the mainstream.
    I tapped out of Netflix 3 years ago and recently took a week free trial just to see how it was nowadays... Oh man, you aren't kidding on scraping the bottom of the barrel! Browsing through Netflix now feels like looking through the $3 DVD bins at the local WalMart haha... Just terrible, heck even Amazon Prime video has more worthwhile stuff in it to watch now.