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  • Does your Mac, iPad, or iPhone make the cut for 'Death Stranding Director's Cut?'

    M68000 said:
    I casually looked at this article.  But, wondering does this mean it only runs on the newest iphone 15 pro models? 
  • French Apple Store staff will strike as iPhone 15 goes on sale

    Why do they choose to this right at a launch.

    Apple should just. fire all of them. I'm sure many would jump in joy for getting hired at an Apple Store.
    They must be overworked form their 32 hour work week or something lol..
  • Getting Snoopy on Apple Watch was more challenging than you'd think

    macgui said:
    I have to retrain myself to be careful of saying 'Siri' now that they 'Hey' is optional. I've always disliked saying it but no I have to be aware of unintentional activation. A couple times a week Siri starts recording what I'm saying, or answers some question not asked. Siri has heard me or the TV say something that was heard as 'Hey Siri'.

    I never liked saying 'Hey' so now that's it's optional there will be more instances of Siri saying 'I don't understand...'

    Time to try the Snoopy watch face.

    Messing around with it yesterday, it seemed like when I passively mentioned "Siri" in a statement, it would sometimes activate and listen, but would realize Im not asking it a question directly and would turn off (on my iPhone at least). By and large, Siri on the iPhone is working great right now without the "Hey" and also with accepting more complex and/or multiple instructions without having to repeat the activation phrase. All the HomePod Minis in my house... are working a little better with Siri, which isn't saying much because honestly those kind of suck and iOS 17 has marginally improved that experience. However, now I have HomePods forgetting what room they're in and requests such as "turn on the lights", which used to be smart in that the HomePod would turn the lights on in the room it knows it is sitting in (because I designated it) are not working so smoothly anymore for me. Oh well, I think we need a "Snow Leopard/High Sierra" style release to get HomeKit up to Amazon/Google standards.
  • Woman accidentally discovers swallowed AirPods are acid resistant for nine hours

    Maybe this will be a new health feature of the AirPods Pro 3 - Digestive track monitoring, now built-in!

    Hope she has AppleCare+ just for the hilarious phone call where she will need to describe what happened to them haha. We had our puppy chomp my wife's iPhone 8 once, directly bit down and shattered the Home button. I called AppleCare and the lady started giggling and says: "I'm so sorry sir, do you mind me asking what kind of puppy it was" Haha a Chocolate Lab btw. Glad we had the coverage on that one!

    Oh, and if ever there was a case for an individual to step up to the AirPod Max... This might be it haha.

    **PopSocket checks out lol.
  • Apple Vision Pro on track for early 2024 release says Tim Cook

    Reminder to set the transaction limit on my credit card to $3498 before it releases lol... I highly doubt even I will early-adopt this puppy at that price... But I'm sure it'll be like any new product category where the next model that comes out will be 200% better and for less money. I can dream anyway haha. I remember getting the first iPad and being blown away with how amazing it was... and then the iPad 2 came out which was soooooo superior for less lol. NEVER BUY A 1ST GEN APPLE PRODUCT *Repeats to self