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  • Getting Snoopy on Apple Watch was more challenging than you'd think

    grouse675 said:
    It is utterly delightful...

    I think there are so many other little things in this slew of OS updates that are a bit fun, a bit animated, a bit surprising, where designers have added a little extra over and above functionality. I'm thinking it's reflecting a happy software team in the broadest sense at Apple. 
    Absolutely agree so far an excellent round of updates! Shared AirTags, No more "Hey" in Siri, New Ring tones (many more business-friendly finally) and positively loving the re-working of the WatchOS interface... The new button/crown assignments actually feel far more natural and are getting me where I want to be much faster - Along with the re-vamped app-layout which is now a sweet spot between the giant list and the swamp mess of app icons it used to be! Really, really, really looking forward to the Sonoma update next week also!

    Oh, and SNOOPY too... what a cool watch face! (Just scroll through the color choices in the watch face lol, what a trip down 'member-berry lane haha)

    Anyone know if a 17.0 firmware release is in the cards for the Studio Display and if that will do anything new and interesting for us too?
  • Notifications in iOS 17 are too quiet, and there's nothing you can do about it

    Hmm, I guess I don't get the complaint here? I'm on iOS 17 on my 14 Pro Max and just checked all my tones and nothing at all changed automatically for me for any of my notification, text and phone call tones. Although I did enjoy all the new stock tones available for sure! Literally half of my purchased ringtones are toned-down "business-friendly" ones to use instead of the majority of Apple's old ones. New tones all sounds great to me!
  • Woman swallowed her AirPod after mistaking it for a vitamin

    maltz said:
    "let it pass naturally"

    Um, no, you should make an immediate trip to the emergency room.  If they rupture or even just become stuck, lithium batteries can cause severe, life-threatening injury very quickly.
    Imagine that little sucker's battery rupturing and igniting inside her stomach lol. Holy sweet lord talk about heartburn lol.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max price unchanged from 14 Pro Max -- assuming you want 256GB

    That was a good move.
    Agreed! Even though I'm not upgrading this go around (Got a 256GB iPhone 14 Pro), it's smart that they no longer offer a model of the Pro Max that has 4K video restrictions (like the 128GB did) AND you could look at it two ways now: 1. You are buying the "upgraded" 256GB iPhone Pro Max and getting the better camera and Ti body "free" -or- 2. You are buying the "entry-level" Pro Max w/ better camera and Ti body and getting the doubled 256GB storage "free". This is my Applenerd-guy math lol.
  • Just what we needed: another Apple dongle, this time for USB-C to Lightning

    I think I'm going to miss lightning eventually when I upgrade. Yeah, USB-C everywhere will simplify some things but I really like the robustness of the lightning connector better myself as there is no board inside the female socket to break and lightning is just a big hole which I think makes extracting troublesome pocket lint that much easier/safer. Realistically, nowadays I use MagSafe for practically everything anyhow (iPhone, Apple Watch & AirPods) so I think the last 100 times I plugged something in via lightning was mostly my Magic Trackpad and Keyboard and then everyone once in a while off an Anker battery pack when traveling (as it is a more efficient use of the battery power than using my MagSafe Duo in a pinch). Would've been nice for Apple to chuck one tiny Lightning to USB-C adapter in the box... But we all knew that was not going to happen (Because what would MOTHER NATURE-lady think?!?!) lol. As another poster mentioned, plenty of cheap/reliable-enough adapters for sale in multipacks on Amazon at least... $29 is insane.