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  • Everything the iPhone 15 Pro Action button can do

    Man, the ability to whip out the phone and press one button to get your camera rolling does sound nice... But not for the price given I've got a 14 Pro Max already. I straight up turned off the "always-on" screen of my iPhone during a recent trip overseas as it was interfering with my ability to pick up the phone and hard-press into the camera app from the Lock Screen consistently. I had to keep tapping the screen to fully wake it up then long press, not great when trying to catch something fast. Sounds like a good usage case for the new button at least next time I upgrade. Super happy to see the Roadside assistance via satellite functionality is also coming to the iPhone 14 series!
  • Second Gen AirPods Pro get new USB-C case that can be charged by iPhone 15 directly

    glennh said:
    “ Currently, there is no way to order the case alone.”

    I can heard the uproar starting in 5,4,3,2,1….. 😎
    I'm sure they will soon start selling a USB-C charging case as an option accessory soon as they did with the MagSafe cases as well.
  • Roadside Assistance via Satellite provides more help for iPhone users

    By free service, I assume you mean just the calling feature (satellite only needed if out of cell range), not the fix- it truck or tow you get.  That would be a separate service that has its own cost.   If that service stop is covered for two years, that would be way too amazing to believe.  
    I do think an edit is in order to prevent false expectations of what is free for two years.  It’s not obvious to all that will read the article.  
    Otherwise, great news and lots of fast reporting on Apple’s reveal event. 
    During the Apple video earlier, they did mention that the satellite-based roadside service request functionality would be free for existing AAA members (with more providers to come later) as well as new members. So the linkup itself is free for "two years" (Or until Apple figures out how/if they will charge us for this great feature) but yes you must pay for your own AAA membership still. And I also agree, the annual fee is well worth it if you ever need the services and CAN be worth it with discounted hotel rooms and other things (Always check the Non-AAA prices though as discounts/sales are sometimes less).
  • FineWoven is here, as Apple phases out leather in watch bands & cases

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  • Apple Studio Display vs Samsung ViewFinity S9 5K -- compared

    Xed said:
    "Some buyers might also be enticed by the built-in 4K webcam as well"

    This implies the 4k (~8.3MP) is better than the 12MP camera. Just saying...
    Several things to consider beyond some spec sheet listing (which is usually something I point out to people claiming how a non-Apple product is inferior because some listed spec is higher than what Apple offers, not the other way around).

    First of all, note that the MP doesn't account for the aspect ratio. I think 4K @16:9 is around 8.3 MP. What does FaceTime use?

    Additionally, this camera has been plagued with issues and I'm not sure it's been resolved. To me, this issue is particularly odd because it seems like something you'd expect Apple to not only want to get right before shipping, but have no issue getting right seeing as how it's using technology you'd think they mastered years ago with the known camera component and A13 Bionic chip.

    It's a relevant point about the cameras. I'm not sure the MP of the Studio Display's FaceTime camera but I do know it is a wide angle camera, which likely accounts for the higher 12MP rating given the larger size than standard 16:9 4K resolution. The camera is wide angle and cropped down to 16:10 for normal usage.. And when the crop pans dynamically across the camera's sensor to track a person speaking, that is what Apple refers to as "Center Stage".

    I love my Studio Display by and large, but the FaceTime camera is indeed atrociously bad. I mean, I say that as an avid 20+ year Apple Kool-aid drinker lol, it's pathetic in a $1600 product that they couldn't do any better than that and seems like a massive oversight for a company so focused on the user experience. At least it is convenient to have it built-in instead of the old $40 Logitech webcam I had duct taped on top of my old monitor... Although that thing too had better image quality haha. Overall still please with my new display, just wish they could have done better there. And for the same price as the Samsung "knockoff" I'd rather have the real deal on my desk!