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  • Samsung's Apple Studio Display competitor is now available in the US

    "serious contender to the Apple Studio Display."

    At that price point, I don't think so. I'll take the Apple over this one any day.

    Absolutely! I've had mine a month now and absolutely love it for the most part! Display quality, brightness, speaker/bass quality, Thunderbolt charging/display output one-cable connection to my MacBook Air, being able to control brightness/speaker volume from my Magic Keyboard and the convenience of the built-in webcam/mic too. Not to mention it is a sexy looking display with stupid solid build quality - no creaking or wobbling here. However, I must qualify this all by admitting the base model with the tilt only stand works fine for me (but is a disgusting +$400 upgrade if you need height adjustment, and you still don't get rotation unless you go with the VESA mount option that is not user-changeable after purchase). So that's not a big deal for me fortunately, but the webcam on this thing really is shamefully bad! I mean its absolutely fine for my usage at the desk, so not a deal breaker for me... But I do still find it surprising Apple released this thing with the webcam being so lousy for a $1600 display lol.

    Also, I am sure the Samsung webcam looks better even though it is 8mp vs. the Studio Display's 12mp rating (Studio display webcam is a higher mp rating /resolution because it is an ultra wide camera that is cropped down for normal usage, and used in full wide angle mode to support Center Stage).. But still no way is that worth spending the same amount of money on the lower build quality Samsung display for the true Apple Diehards either I think. Maybe if it was safely under $1000 it might be worth trying to save the bucks, but for same price no thank you haha.

    Overall quite happy with my Studio display and how clean of a desk setup I have with my MacBook and also that I was able to snag it at $1349 on sale at Amazon using their store card (for another 5% off, so $1281.55 total!). I ended up getting the $49.99/year AppleCare+ from Apple and plan to leave that going for the foreseeable future as I love this display and hope to use it with multiple new Macs in the future (decade hopefully) and also as nothing is user repairable and the power supply is glued underneath the front glass panel lol. I want to keep this guy going for a loooooong time!
  • Rumored iPhone 15 Pro box could break a packaging pattern

    MacPro said:
    To the posts above about not caring or tossing the boxes.  Word to the wise: I keep every package carefully, including the internal stuff, and make a mental note of how to reassemble it all.  I've done this for every Apple product going back to Apple ][s.  My resale prices attained are always top dollar, and the number one reason is usually the fact everything comes in pristine, original packaging, right down to the unopened docs and manuals in most cases, as I never need them.  Second hand buyers love getting that same special Apple packaging.
    Absolutely agree! I suppose if you use the phone until it dies or just trade it in then the box and its contents wouldn't matter a whole lot. But I will most often re-sell my tech when upgrading on eBay or FaceBook Marketplace and I absolutely agree with you. I think having the package re-assembled in pristine condition with the device and its accessories re-assures many buyers will help you receive top dollar when the time comes. I have an entire tote in my office closet full of empty Apple boxes for each device AND accessory for the inevitable day when it's time for them to find a new owner haha. Same with game consoles as well.
  • AirTag 2 will launch in 2024 and work hand-in-hand with Apple Vision Pro

    Waiting for a thin wallet version. For now, the Eufy is working great.
    I bought a wallet on Amazon last year that has a little cutout pocket thingy on top to slip an AirTag into and it's very secure as well. I hardly notice it when worn in the back pocket in either orientation. It's awesome to be able to track the wallet if I were to be separated, plus I have it set to remind me if I leave the house without it (1000ft geofence from our address) which is handy as occasionally I forget to grab it on the way out and don't always realize lol. Although I cut down even further to a Find My-capable Apple Wallet and am really loving it!
  • White House sets voluntary security standard for smart home devices

    jfabula1 said:
    Oh gee….that’s a good start, hopefully same thing w cocaine carrying devices…..ehehehehe
    I was just gonna say, maybe the White House should start with their own security standards lol. *Wipes white powder from nostrils..
  • Apple Silicon is why 15-inch MacBook Air was possible at all

    I "downgraded" from a 16" M1 MacBook Pro to the M2 14" for enhanced portability and all (Plus a good friend of mine has been wanting the 16" beast for his photo work for a long time, so he got a good deal on mine and I got more than Apple gives on trade-ins). Anyhow, My 14" is in the mail when WWDC hits and I get the new product lust and order a 15" MacBook Air. Well, after a few days playing with both, realized I really do not need the immense power of the Pro and mostly wanted the larger screen honestly. The ProMotion was very nice, but I am overall quite satisfied with the new 15" Air and was happy to pocket the $700 savings. I kept the base model as I always get the upgrade bug every couple of years, I will take less of a bath on trade-in or re-sale value in the future and the 8/256 config is just about good enough for my usage.

    I have to say, I am absolutely loving this puppy! My brain thinks of it more like the 15" MacBook Pro we have always wanted! Great keyboard, excellent sound, still a beautiful screen, 3x the battery life and less weight/bulk altogether a great package for the $1199 + Free $150 Apple Gift Card on offer at the EDU store right now!