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  • YouTube to stream Paramount+, Showtime, but no Apple TV+ or Netflix

    It's a strange concept. If I already subscribed to Paramount+ and why would I want to watch it from within YouTube? It makes sense for Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV and Roku because they are hardware devices. YouTube is just a software.
    Presumably one benefit would be linking your other streaming accounts into your YouTube account (No thanks lol) which would allow you to access those other services' content through the Youtube website and apps. I suppose the benefit there would be maintaining all, or most, of your services in one app on each AppleTV/portable Apple device instead of managing multiple apps.That would make sense in my case as these services will log your apps out if they're not used in a certain time span (30, 60, 90 days etc). I run into that when I am overseas for work half the year, the AppleTV in the home theater (that the wife doesn't use much by herself when I'm gone) will log out of almost everything necessitating a bunch of password re-jiggering when I get home (Guest Bedroom AppleTV 4 too). Still not worth giving Google access to these accounts in my mind, but to each his own haha.
  • Hands on with Apple's new HomeKit architecture in iOS 16.2

    Ya know, I'd be happy if Siri could just turn music off on our multiple HomePods without telling me "I'm sorry, there is nothing playing. I can't stop"... And then ACTUALLY stopping the music that WAS playing lol. There is no way in hell I will ever deploy Google or Amazon devices in our home, but man Siri can be stupid sometimes! Just wish they'd focus on stuff like that than millisecond performance "gains" like this...
  • Apple's iPhone 14 battery capacities revealed in filing

    With the "Always On" screen that can dip down to 1Hz (vs. 10Hz minimum on last year's Pro lineup) I would bet the slight Wh differences result in negligible differences in overall battery life. That being said, I went "down" to a 13 Pro (From the Pro Max and formerly Plus lineups w/ larger screens/batteries) last year as Apple was quoting the same life in 13 Pro as the previous 12 Prom Max. And I have to say, battery life has been outstanding and removed fy biggest reason for buying the gigantic iPhone each upgrade cycle. It's so much nicer to have the smaller phone for carry each day and the iPad mini is a perfect companion for media consumption on the couch or while flying with a more comfortably larger screen for longer sustained viewing all whilst saving my iPhone's battery even more anyhow. Also, the fast charging is crazy fast on the iPhone now, so when I am on the road if I need a quick boost a 5-10 minute pit stop at an electrical outlet while waiting at the airline gate provides a significant top-up on charge!
  • Preorders for iPhone 14 Pro lineup strong, iPhone 14 Plus weak

    entropys said:
    Well, you would expect pro sales to outstrip at preorder as non flagship phones roll out more steadily and the preorder buyers are chasing higher end.

    that said, there isn’t much point in buying an iPhone 14
    • when virtually the same performance and most of the features can be got from a cheaper iPhone 13.
    • apple prices have increased.
    • Apple prices have really increased overseas.
     And there is a possibility a lot of people opted to keep their current iPhone and buy the AirPods Pro 2  with their cash instead. They stayed the same price as the old model.
    That's exactly what I did! Holding on to the 13 Pro (Still showing 100% battery health after a year!) and opted for the new AirPods Pro 2nd Gen and just sold my original ones on eBay last night. After 3 years, the battery isn't so great anymore and I don't have the minor MagSafe upgrade (which is nice) in my original case, so why not do the upgrade then lol?
  • Apple ditches physical SIM cards from all US iPhone 14 models

    whodiini said:
    so i need to buy an iphone 14 outside the US to be able to use it traveling outside the US?
    Well technically no, unless you plan to use your US carrier's roaming coverage or the countries you travel in have carriers that don't yet support eSIM. I work in Japan often and the couple of carriers I prefer to use over there do not support eSIM unless you are a resident and sign a contract. Oh well, hopefully by the time iPhone 15 rolls out that will change lol. But can confirm my iPhone 13 Pro works great on Verizon stateside and in many asian and European countries unlocked just by swapping out my US SIM for a local "foreign" one. I actually just changed my Verizon service over to the iPhone 13 Pro's built-in eSIM and it seems to work fine at home, which is nice now I at least don't have to hold on to my Verizon SIM card anymore I suppose. This one could be a deal-breaker for me next upgrade cycle though depending on how quickly the rest of the world moves forward with eSIM (hopefully rapidly if Apple is going "all-in" from this year forward, as I'm sure Samsung et al will eventually follow their lead as usual).