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  • iPhone 11 Ultra Wideband could be at core of Apple Car keyless entry

    I hope it performs better than Tesla's implementation of the phone being your car key. My friend has a Tesla 3 and his most hated thing about the car is how unreliable getting in and out of his car has been when using the phone, especially if he is on a current phone call. He often times has to hang up, then the car will unlock, then he can call the person back. The solution to this is to include a keyfob for those who want to use it, but Tesla sells that separately on the Model 3.
    What a bunch of cheapskates Tesla is! Buy their car and not get a FOB. Good grief, what were they thinking.
    Very few people want a fob if their phone works perfectly with their Tesla. And for me, using iPhone Xs, Tesla Model 3 works perfectly every time to unlock the car, even when I'm on a call. It does depend on the phone manufacturer Bluetooth implementation though; some Android phones have a really bad Bluetooth implementation, which has nothing to do with Tesla or Apple.
  • Apple marketing chief discusses 'unbelievable' response to ARKit, HomePod, more in intervi...

    I like the idea of a virtual tape measure but I still want to have an app you can hold up to some notice or sign in a foreign language and it translates it for you in real time.
    That's the Google Translate app. You could find it on the App Store for the last 3 years. It was previously called Word Lens.
  • Safari not able to play new 4K videos from YouTube homepage, likely due to VP9 shift

    AFAIK, VP9 is Open and royalty free

    so why can't Apple adopt it? Pride?
    Mainly because VP9 isn't implemented by any hardware acceleration chips. Apple likes to keep things as efficient as possible, but VP9 is basically an end-run around the H.264/H.265 patents (there would be no point to VP9 if H.265 was patent and royalty free). Nonetheless, the other issue that remains is that it could have patents asserted against it, but currently does not, much like H.264 and H.265 could also, but they're less susceptible, since the consortium bears the cost of defending against patent trolls.