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  • Editorial: Could Apple's lock on premium luxury be eclipsed by an era of good-enough gear?...

    There’s always a market for “cheap and nasty” but not necessarily much profit in it. The market that Samsung seems to be going for, though, is “expensive and nasty”. It will be mind boggling if people who shell out over $2,000 for a Fold, will simply say “oh well, it’s Samsung, what do you expect” when their Fold dies after a couple of days. Even if the device was not without its obvious manufacturing flaws, the look of it is simply horrid. The notch size and positioning simply defies logic; it’s a dodgy, budget looking device, sold for a premium price. So while the Fold is obviously destined for failure, the media will continue to support Samsung (largely due to their advertising spend) and #Foldgate will be swept under the carpet. The fandroids will continue to buy expensive and nasty Samsung’s, simply because they’re not Apple. And the cycle will continue...
  • Feds bust $900,000 iPhone repair & return scam in Oregon

    You would have thought that after the first 1,400 phone replacements assigned to his AppleID or whatever ID was used, that Apple would have twigged. Not sure how you can return so many items without raising a red flag?
  • Review: Galaxy Buds easily beat Apple's AirPods but are years late to the game

    Apple really needs to latent some of this stuff. It’s incredible how so many companies can copy Apple with not so much as a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile, Apple is constantly dragged through the Courts by thousands of non-practicing entities trying to grab their money. Surely there must be a way for Apple to protect their IP.
  • Samsung rumored offering foldable display samples to Apple for future iPhones

    I think a far more usable form of this bendable screen technology is in devices that would benefit more from the extra screen real estate, such as watches/watch bands and other wearables. It will be interesting to see how Samsung manages production and warranty issues with a screen that bends in half (remember, people don't treat their phones with kid gloves) and I think Apple's best bet is to sit back and watch Samsung fail at this first.
  • Apple Watch Pride face is blocked in Russia by watchOS 5

    Perhaps the default watch faces should just be watch faces, instead of political statements. If someone wants to make a statement they can add their own background in themselves.
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