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  • Apple should do more to combat smartphone addiction, insists iPod-Father Tony Fadell

    By the same token...

    McDonalds should weigh customers as they enter and exit, and announce their weight gain each visit,
    Netflix should automatically update your doctor of your Square Eyes data,
    And Couches should detect and display your Potato time when you sit on them.

    Or maybe we could just be responsible for our own actions.
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  • Apple employees can buy HomePod at half price for limited time

    You’ve never heard it. You have no idea how it compares. The amount of faith you demonstrate is remarkable. I truly hope you are as happy with it as you anticipate. 
    - true, but those in the know who have have heard demos have noted that the audio quality is excellent. I’m sure I’ll be happy
    felix01 said:
    Most quality MBA programs have a case study or two on just this question and you are 100% bassackwards. The time-proven strategy is to skim off the premium market first while recovering R&D costs and then gradually step down the price as production ramps up and assembly experience lowers production costs. Sequentially skim off every segment of the market, high to low.

    One of the earliest practitioners of this strategy in the electronics business was Polaroid Corporation (consumer-friendly instant cameras). 
    I agree. And coming in at low-level is not Apple’s usual strategy, as Soli mentioned. I was just putting forward the argument which those who don’t understand both the technology involved and Apple’s “insanely great” product strategy. They’re not about making second best just to compete on price. I actually think that the price, $499 in Australia, is not too bad considering what you get. And I think that Apple has gone with the right strategy by saying, yes there’s lots of other sub-par speakers that you could buy, but we don’t do subpar, we do the best, and that’s why there’s no $49 speaker from us.
  • Apple employees can buy HomePod at half price for limited time

    Cost is a relative thing. Perhaps Apple would have been better to introduce HomePod at $175 in order to firstly gain market share, and then move up to premium HomePodPro models. They couldn’t drop the quality though, people expect poor quality from Google and Samsung, even Amazon, but poor quality from Apple would not be tolerated, so it would have to be the same model, but at a price that doesn’t really make them money - which a lot of companies do to gain traction. That said, $349 is not a lot for an excellent speaker system, which HomePod is. Well advanced technically from the competing tinny speakers, and cheaper that Google’s premium speaker, it’s main issue is that people compare it to the little tinnies because of its similar look and size. Looking forward to receiving mine next week!
  • No chill: Some Microsoft Surface Pro 4 users need to stick device in freezer to stop scree...

  • Steve Jobs unveiled the MacBook Air - and Apple's future - 10 years ago today

    The MacBook Air really was about 10 years ahead of its competitors. Obviously it’s technology such as processor speed and display were what existed at the time, but the form factor, the design, the engineering was incredible for its time. What we see today, in 2018, is that almost every computer (I’m talking PCs) is still striving to look like a MacBook Air. It really was the gold standard, and its taken 10 years for other manufacturers to copy it - to be able to achieve anything close to the level of engineering, manufacture and design that Apple was able to achieve 10 years ago. That really speaks volumes.