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  • EU seeks new powers to police technology giants in Europe

    Please, stop the hyperbole. I have stated in another thread that the type of rules and oversight which are sought by the EU Commission are just plans and would need to be  approved by the Council of Europe (i.e. by the Heads of Government, who have veto power by the way). There has been some chatter recently that some member states are less than thrilled by these proposed plans, so you do the math. Also, I honestly think (personal opinion!) that most of these plans end up in the trash bin, as it might not be a good idea to go right into trade wars in these testing times.
    Having said that, it should be noted that the digital economy has so far escaped the scrutiny that the 'real' economy is subject to, and I am not against looking into ways of regulating/restraining companies that disrupt the  livelihoods and well-being of average citizens. Airbnb has savaged the housing markets in cities where there are acute shortages, and of course Zuck's Facebook., which doesn't need any explaining.
  • Apple opens the door to game streaming services with new App Store guidelines

    I thought that xCloud and Stadia and Geforce Now were finally going to be available, but nope. 
    Sorry, but if the only reason to stay with iOS is to be able to play/stream games, you're in a minute minority. The idea that Apple would basically change iOS into an insecure hellhole just to accommodate that minute minority nauseates me. Thus, I am glad they don't.
  • Epic Games wanted a special deal for 'Fortnite' on the App Store

    I, for one, would like to have at least the option to side load an alternate app store on some of my iOS devices. Sure that would possibly compromise their security but I will just be playing games on them, so I am not sure it matters really. Keep trying to convince me that I don't know what I want. That's what Apple thinks.
    If you are so adamant that you know that the apps you want to side load are safe then just jailbreak your device.  

    Apple’s walled garden isn’t something new, and based on all of the exploits that some foreign governments are using to gain access to a device is proof why Apple will never allow side loading. 

    You want security and privacy until it’s an inconvenience for you. You can’t have it both ways.

    Like others here have stated ad nauseam, the fact that other platforms where you can buy apps and games have similar agreements, but they are not under fire and that proves that Apple is being singled out to extort money under the guise to make things more “fair” between device manufacturers and developers. 

    If Apple’s iOS is so advanced and secure as they make it out to be, side-loaded apps can perfectly well run in a secure container and not go outside that digital sand box.

    In fact they already allow this “side-loading” in a way: for companies with an enterprise distribution profile.

    This is just about Apple’s fervent attempts to guard its cash cow. Nothing more, nothing less.

    As Nick Cybart (per Rayzr2016's post here) has pointed out, Apple App Store is not making Apple a lot of money, if any. I believe Apple itself has stated in the past that they hardly earn money on the store, and say so to same effect in their opposition. I quote: "Apple does not earn any money through the App Store on its substantial investment in these tools, software and technology until developers bill and collect funds from users who engage in digital transactions with consumers on the store. More than 80% of the apps in the App Store pay no commission to Apple". Cash cow, not so much.
  • Apple enlists Gibson Dunn to fight Epic Games suit, law firm previously retained in Samsun...

    elijahg said:
    Anyway, losing the Mac userbase is very little concern for Epic, it's probably less than 1% of their revenue. 
    My guess is it is financially it is closer to 15-20%; see Granted the piece only deals with Fortnite, but it provides you with the numbers to guesstimate the effect. If Epic Games were a publicly traded company, shareholders would be up in arms!
  • Apple threatens to close Epic Games developer account on Aug. 28

    Peza said:
    KITA said:
    Interesting. This may impact iOS/macOS gaming even further, potentially making third party developers choose to drop support of iOS/macOS or find a new game engine.

    It told Epic that by August 28, Apple will cut off Epic’s access to all development tools necessary to create software for Apple’s platforms—including for the Unreal Engine Epic offers to third-party developers, which Apple has never claimed violated any Apple policy. Not content simply to remove Fortnite from the App Store, Apple is attacking Epic’s entire business in unrelated areas. 

    If the Unreal Engine can no longer support Apple platforms, the software developers that use it will be forced to use alternatives.

    Apple would lose out on Unreal Engine 5 as well it sounds like.

    Yes, yes they will, but if Apple wants to shoot it’s own foot off to carry on with its hypocritical store rules that’s up to them, I’m sure the EU investigation will tell them what to do if they want to continue trading in Europe, no doubt the Apple fans will just claim Apple doesn’t need Europe, yeah it doesn’t need billions in profit.
    If anyone is shooting in its own foot, it is Epic. Epic would have a very hard time making their case in EU courts.

    Also, anyone in love with the idea that the EU is very keen on dismantling American tech companies is almost surely in for a rude awakening. It would cause major headaches in already fragile US-EU relations, and there are rumors the idea is not very popular in several European capitals.