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  • Apple could owe over $8 billion in European taxes, new estimate indicates

    jungmark said:
    It was legal and allowed. The EU is crying foul because they need money for bailouts. 
    The point is that these deals are (apparently) not in accordance with European rules with which member states have to comply. What is baffling is that it took the EU years to realise that.
  • Real world iPhone 6s adoption data contradicts Apple supplier channel check rumors

    That pretty much nails it. We see $80 very soon. Every single Apple supplier is reporting weak Dec and March results. 

    "Every single Apple supplier"?  Seriously?  How many suppliers are there?  Can you tell us how many there are and how many you follow closely?
    A few years back there was a list circulating on the Internet that listed literally hundreds of then-current Apple suppliers. Which makes these supply chain rumour 'checks' an act of futility.
  • Real world iPhone 6s adoption data contradicts Apple supplier channel check rumors

    basjhj said:
    It never occurred to you that the supply chain reports may be indicative of problems with other smartphone vendors, rather than Apple? It was Samsung that reported tough times ahead, wasn't it?
    If we take history as our guide here, the people 'in the know' about 'supply chains' are more likely wrong than right.
    Samsung may be selling less units but other Android makers are taking up the slack.

    I would believe it if it was just one supplier that is reporting weak revenue for March quarter. But there have been half a dozen that have already warned about weak outlook. Why else would Tim Cook not say anything? Its probably because its true.  I expect iPhone units to decline YoY for the March quarter.

    Stock is now at $96. 
    It has lost over $215,000,000,000 in value in 6 months.
    Google will probably be worth more than Apple in a few days with 1/3 the profit and 1/4 the revenue.

    The sooner people realize we will see $80 the better. 
    Cook has pointed out in the past that it is not very smart to base Apple earnings estimates on supply chain rumours. That is a fact. Why he hasn't said anything yet has more to do with the pointlessness of doing so. There may be 'selective disclosure' rules set by the SEC that may prevent him to say the things you would like to hear now. If the earnings of last quarter are in line or exceed guidance, there is no reason to address the stubborn clowns that will say whatever their supply chain 'checks' indicate. In fact, these clowns are his last worry.