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  • Apple's privacy features will cost Facebook $12.8 billion in 2022

    Good job Apple!
  • Apple considered adding Face ID to 24-inch iMac

    FaceID seems like a pretty natural and intuitive feature to have on a MacBook and iMac, since the user is almost always sitting directly in front of the screen anyway. Ideally there would also be the capability to combine variations of FaceID and TouchID for more security-sensitive tasks; like, don't execute a task unless FaceID and TouchID are verified. Other tasks could be activated by only TouchID or only FaceID. Allow for some user controls over those configurations, with recommendations on which to use for certain situations: Amazon Prime login could just be with FaceID (i.e. you just need to be present to access) whereas, accessing your online bank account would require both FaceID and TouchID (i.e. it would be more difficult for an imposter to spoof BOTH your face AND fingerprint); Apple Music/TV/Arcade or other online purchases could be verified by TouchID (i.e. you would have to deliberately activate the transaction; this would avoid accidental purchases because you just happened to be sitting in front of your computer).
  • Apple shatters its own holiday financial record, hitting $123.9 billion in revenue on the ...

    I wish I'd bought AAPL back in the mid-90s when they were on life-support.
  • The least surprising news of 2021: Facebook voted the worst company in America

    Just seeing his face, let alone when he's trying to convey an actual personality or simulate an emotion, gives me an instant migraine!

    He is a human embodiment of the "Uncanny Valley".
  • Apple, Meta on 'collision course' in wearables, home, and AR markets

    I trust (with a reasonable amount of skepticism) Apple's intentions, in terms of using personal data (stripped of identifiers) to improve their products and services. I EXPECT Facebook/Meta, whatever, will steal as much data as possible, track our movements in our own homes, record every conversation, parse EVERYTHING, use machine learning and AI for the sole purpose of building a more robust, detailed digital profile of us than it already has and sell that our digital identities to anyone who wants to buy it. That's literally their business model.
    Also, "Facebook" was a weird, somewhat whimsical name that has made a home in our public consciousness. "Meta" has the ominous feel of an omniscient corporation in a William Gibson or Neal Stephenson novel.