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  • Foxconn, Wistron subsidiaries chosen for $1B manufacturing plan in India

    I'd love to be able to buy an iPhone or iPad in India without having to pay 50% more than what someone would pay for the same product in the US. India's taxes and surcharges are ridiculous.
  • First Google Store takes an opposite approach from Apple retail

    So Google will scan your iris when you walk into the store; they will then track your every move throughout the store, including your gait, how long you stayed at a particular station, what you picked up, how you examined it. They will also sample your DNA and fingerprints. They will record your conversations, analyze your mode, tone, inflection; note whether you were talking to one of their employees, or to your in-store companions. They will use all this data to "customize" your online experience as well as your future visits to the Google Store. They can then connect all this info with your face the next time you get onto Google Meet, or Zoom (because they'll hijack your camera if you use Chrome)."
  • Epic CEO Tim Sweeney grilled on platform agreements, V-Bucks

    Sweeney Todd did not prepare well for his testimony. He looks totally out of his element, and his answers sound like he just woke up 5 minutes ago after a night of heavy partying.
  • Apple's 'M2' processor enters mass production for MacBook Pro

    So, I'm guessing this year's WWDC will introduce a new MacBook Pro (M2) and iMac Pro (M2)?

    Since I'm in a wishlist mode, it would also be cool to have new iMacs and MBPs with built-in LIDAR, so that we can do 3D gestures in space. :smiley: as well as infrared and dot projectors for FaceID. But keep TouchID also.
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar calls AirTags release 'timely' ahead of Senate antitrust hearing

    It is such a ridiculous, bad faith move to lump Apple in with Google, Facebook, and Amazon when it comes to anti-trust issues. Yes, Apple is a successful company, but that doesn't immediately or inherently make them evil. Simply being at the top of your industry doesn't make you bad. It's what you do with your power, AND what you did to get to the top that needs to be investigated and regulated.
    Apple is primarily a hardware company. Their software and services exist to support their hardware. None of Apple's hardware, software, or services have any monopoly status or power. Now, within Apple's ecosystem, they have power, but that ecosystem is a microcosm in a much larger industry. Apple has control over how their software and services interact with their hardware, but that really has no impact outside of their ecosystem.
    What power Apple has over their ecosystem they use primarily to support and protect their customers, and frankly, the industry as well.
    Google is an internet services company; Facebook is a social media platform; Amazon is a marketplace. Each of these companies absolutely dominate the way we access information on the internet, how we interact with each other, and how we access goods and services. Each of them use this dominant position to exploit users: they monitor our activity, they gather detailed information about us, they push out smaller companies; all in the service of their own profit and power. Each of them plays fast and loose with our data and private information, and they can, because they have no peers or competition; they barely have any government oversight.
    So, yes, the governments of the world need to take a close look at these companies and hold them accountable to use their power responsibly, but leave Apple out of these anti-trust investigations. They are NOT the same as Google, Facebook, or Amazon.