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  • North Dakota rejects anti-Apple App Store bill drafted by Epic Games lobbyist

    Good grief. The Epic folks need to grow the eff up. They wanna play in Apple's sandbox, they play by Apple's rules. No one's forcing them to participate in the Apple ecosystem. Besides, Apple has more robust security than any other platform, and by hosting everything on the App Store, they're putting their reputation behind any App that's sold.
  • Zuckerberg wants to 'inflict pain' on Apple for privacy changes

    MacPro said:

    Would an alternative such as MeWe be usable instead?

    Isn't that where all the Trump supporters fled to when they got tired of being called out for being racists?
  • Zuckerberg wants to 'inflict pain' on Apple for privacy changes

    I use Facebook because it lets me keep in touch with friends and family and I'm in a number of FB groups. It's definitely convenient, and I'm fully aware that I AM THEIR PRODUCT. That's the evil genius of Facebook. That being said, my wish is that Facebook is forced to break up; divest from Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. And honestly, while I use it every day, if Facebook were to fold, I would not shed any tears. It would be tougher to get in touch with a lot of far-flung friends though...
  • Zuckerberg wants to 'inflict pain' on Apple for privacy changes

    Facebook suing Apple over antitrust practice. THE IRONY! IT BURNS!!!
  • North Dakota Senate debates breaking Apple's App Store monopoly

    You want viruses and malware? Because this is how you get viruses and malware.

    The Apple App Store is basically a shopping mall. They provide a nice, safe environment for people to shop in, and because they have strict rules on what kinds of apps they host, they do all the heavy lifting with regard to compatibility, safety and security for your devices. Just a like a shopping mall will provide a safe, pleasant environment for you to do your shopping. Shop keepers know what they're getting into when they open a shop in the mall, just as customers can have reasonable expectations of a certain kind of service from the stores where they shop in the mall. In exchange, the mall charges the shops to rent space for their stores.
    By contrast, you start downloading whatever you want off of someone's website, you have no assurances that they're not gonna surreptitiously install some malware or spyware, or there might just be some bug that will brick your device. Sure, you get more "freedom", and the vendor doesn't have to pay a "rental fee" to Apple to host their wares, but at the same time, you are exposed to much greater risk.

    I'm happy with my walled garden/shopping mall experience.