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  • Apple debuts $549 AirPods Max over-ear headphones

    I'm glad they didn't put giant Apple logos on the earpieces.
  • Apple VR headset may use fluid-filled lenses to counter a user's bad eyesight.

    What I need is something that could scan the surface of my retina and adjust the lens shape accordingly, because my one retina is a complete mess, and can't be fixed with just a regular prescription. :'(
  • Advocacy groups urge Biden to keep big tech out of the White House

    It really annoys me that Apple gets lumped into these anti-trust discussions/allegations along with Facebook and Google. First of all, Apple is primarily a hardware company; they just also build the software and ecosystem that runs in their own hardware. The anti-trust allegations against Apple make no sense, as consumers have always had the option of using Windows and/or Android as well as other platforms. Apple wants control over the experience within their own ecosystem; I don't get how that equates to anti-trust or monopolistic practices. Facebook, Google, and Amazon, on the other hand, are really the only game in town for their respective fields. Facebook totally dominates social media, especially now that they own Instagram, WhatsApp, and other used-to-be-independent platforms. Google owns the search space (though I personally use DuckDuckGo).
    From Apple's point of view, their users are actual customers that they are trying to create products to sell to. In Google and Facebook's models, the users are the product being sold to advertisers. Google and Facebook aren't a search engine and social media platform respectively. They are advertising platforms, that use search histories and social media to create digital profiles of all their users that advertisers can use to target their products (99% of which is crap). We "users" have no real say in how our information is used; we don't get a vote. No one except the engineers at Google and Facebook get access to the algorithms they use or have a say in their design and implementation.
    Another major difference is that Apple has put customers' privacy and security at the foundation of everything they design and implement. Google, Facebook and Amazon have no such interest. In fact, they want us "users" to reveal as much about ourselves as possible to better optimize their algorithms for their purposes.
    In other words, the government(s) and the public are definitely right in being suspicious of Google/Facebook/Amazon's methods, intentions, and practices. And certainly Apple should adhere to proper legal and ethical standards, but they are not in the same area of concern as G/F/A... They are by no means a monopoly, and they are not playing fast and loose with customers' privacy and security.
  • Judge so far 'not convinced' on Epic's antitrust stance in 'Fortnite' battle

    This is like going to a Japanese restaurant and being mad that they don't serve Mexican food.
  • Online Apple Store to launch in India on Sept. 23

    This is great! I hope that the 30-50% tariff will eventually fade away, so that we can buy Apple products at the same price as the US and other places.