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  • Apple privacy head explains privacy protections of CSAM detection system

    In other words "Any government can force us to do whatever they want with this technology, and if they do we won't even be allowed to tell you it's happening."

    Oh, that's not what he said?  Then he's lying.

    Once this is in place, it can be abused for whatever purpose Apple or any government of any country where Apple sells iPhones will be able to force Apple to search those iPhones for any kind of image they want to look for.  In the US, the mechanism is a "National Security Letter" or "FISA warrant".  And it's not at all comforting to know that they can't push a fresh database without a spyOS update, they can release that at any time.

    Apple can no longer be trusted.

    It remains to be seen if Apple will drop this stupidity.  If they drop it now before it ever hits the public, perhaps they can be trusted again someday.
  • Apple call center contractor pressuring employees to accept home surveillance

    amar99 said:
    Surveillance is becoming a theme associated with Apple as of late.

    "But think of the children" - Apple
  • Apple removes 'iDOS 2' from iOS App Store

    Apple's monopoly must be crushed.
  • Apple's child safety initiative & leaked Thunderbolt 5 specs -- This Week in Apple

    The headline should really read "Apple's spyware & leaked Thunderbolt 5 specs".

    Let's not pretend this is about "child safety".  It's about Apple having the ability to use your device to spy on you.
  • New FAQ says Apple will refuse pressure to expand child safety tools beyond CSAM

    Their defense is that they would refuse authoritarian attempts but we’ve seen two instances so far where Apple couldn’t refuse. With iCloud in China and with FaceTime in Saudi Arabia. Setting the past aside what’s to say that the political or financial climate for Apple won’t change and make it harder to say no than it is now? There may come a time when they want to say no but can’t. 

    They can't even say no in the US.  And with "National Security Letters" they can't even tell us that they couldn't say no.

    Any protestations to the contrary from Apple are simply lies.  If they have the ability to spy, they can be forced to spy.

    The ONLY acceptable option is for them to remove their own ability to spy.  Otherwise your device is spyware that can and will be used against you, for whatever purpose a government wants.