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  • Mini LED 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro production begins

    No thanks, not going to recommend anybody buy a laptop with built-in spyware.
  • Apple preparing iOS 14.8 release as iOS 15 launch nears

    That's good, since no one in their right mind will be installing spyOS 15 at this point.
  • WhatsApp latest to pile on Apple over Child Safety tools

    They're right.  This utterly destroys any trust anyone should have in Apple.

    This WILL be used for nefarious purposes. 
  • Open letter asks Apple not to implement Child Safety measures

    crowley said:
    iadlib said:
    This is admirable and I like the intention behind it. But to plays devils advocate. I bring up that this technique. Maybe. Possibly. Could be adapted for other kinds of data. Say emails. Text messages. Let’s say it becomes an API or baked in feature. What if that feature gets hijacked? By a hacker, or a government? To search for anti-state speech in China, or even industrial espionage. This is a Pandora’s box that couldn’t ever be shut. 

    It's a private method for comparing an image hash against a specific database of image hashes.  

    No indication that it'll become a generic API, or a feature for anyone else to use.
    No indication that there will be any way for it to be hijacked, short of rooting the entire phone, in which case all bets are off anyway.
    No indication that it could be used to search for anything other than images, or more specifically the hashes of those images.
    No indication that it couldn't be shut down any time Apple wanted to shut it down.

    It's not FUD.  There is no indication that it can't be used for scanning any type of data, and in fact it's obvious that it absolutely can be.

    Saying things like "oh, but they're just going after evil kiddy porn, think of the children" is a wilful misunderstanding of the technology.  This is incredibly dangerous, and should absolutely be scrapped before it's ever implemented. 
  • UK NHS app updated with Apple Wallet support for COVID Pass

    rob53 said:
    And why are Americans worried about a vaccination card/passport/whatever? We have to show ID at several places. Nobody, except border patrol, asks for proof of citizenship. It’s seems like only republicans are worried about this. Why is that?

    Honestly, I hate that ID is ever asked for.  I wish we'd get over the obsession about "underage" drinking.  I certainly don't want to have anyone have to show ID to vote.  And I'm not thrilled about the idea of a "vaccine passport". 

    But it's probably time for something like this here.  There's clearly a substantial minority of the population that isn't capable of understanding science, isn't capable of making responsible health decisions for themselves, and who are now putting all of us in danger.  Because of them, I get to start wearing masks in public again.  Because of them I get to avoid eating out.  Because of them, my life will be disrupted by this pandemic for months or years to come. 

    The vaccines aren't perfect, they were never going to be.  But if we'd hit 90% of the 12+ population vaccinated, we wouldn't even be talking about variants now, the pandemic would be over.  Instead it's starting again, and this time it's killing young people too.

    So screw it.  Bring on the American vaccine passports, and ban businesses from letting anyone unvaccinated in the door.