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  • Apple says hardware leaks harm consumers

    Apple is full of it, of course.  Secrecy hurts customers, particularly business customers.  It makes planning much harder when there's not even a vague roadmap, let alone knowledge of the next year of products.

    Surprises are for children's birthday toys.  They're completely inappropriate for technology.
  • Apple ceases iOS 14.6 code signing, blocks downgrades from iOS 14.7 and above

    And Apple's absolutely abhorrent behavior continues.  It's MY iPhone, not Apple's iPhone.

    Hopefully some of the antitrust lawsuits will eventually end this insane control freak behavior on Apple's part.  I should have the choice to run any OS that my hardware is capable of running, without this interference from Apple.

  • 2022 Mac Pro said to use Intel Ice Lake Xeon W-3300 CPU

    This seems unlikely.

    It's very unlike Apple to admit that they made a terrible mistake.  Apple silicon was and is a terrible mistake.
  • Apple launches repair program for 2016 13-inch MacBook Pros with 'stage light' problem

    chasm said:
    This is very traditionally how Apple addresses problems that get past its own internal QA: capture machines with the problem, study them extensively, engineer a solution, make that available to owners, improve their QA process so the issue doesn’t come back.

    It all takes longer than anyone would like, particularly in some troublesome cases, which is why Apple sometimes extends warranty coverage for those issues. I wish it could be done faster, but the company does — eventually — do right by current owners when an engineering problem like this crops up.

    Apple traditionally does nothing of the sort.  Apple traditionally either comes out with a non-fix or replaces parts like-for-like and hopes the replacement part won't fail again until the repair extension ends.

    And that's a very longstanding tradition, going all the way back to the Apple /// with the infamous drop fix and continuing to the present with the butterfly keyboard REP, where you get a new keyboard that's exactly the same as the keyboard that failed.

    I don't know if they've changed the replacement screens for this one, but I strongly suspect they haven't.
  • MacBook Pro with mini LED backlighting set for fall launch

    aderutter said:
    Get yourself a new cable if you need usb-a.
    or at least an adaptor for a couple of dollars. 

    Oh, sure, because the dongle pocket in my computer bag doesn't already weigh almost as much as the computer itself.  I'll just throw in a few more dozen.

    And it's not like I can take any out at this point, I actually had to use the mini-DVI to DVI adapter a few weeks ago.  At least I don't have to regularly carry any SCSI adapters any more, it's been a few years since I needed one, so that's all in a separate SCSI data recovery bag.