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  • First ARM-based MacBook coming by end of 2020, says Ming-Chi Kuo

    Just a thought -- or rather speculation:

    I am wondering if what is triggering this move from Intel processors to internally developed A series processors was Intel's failure in developing a 5G modem for Apple?

    Apple put a lot confidence in Intel when they moved their modems from Qualcomm to Intel -- and Intel pretty much did a face plant.   Not only were their 4G modems slower than Qualcomm's but they were unable to develop a 5G modem at all -- which forced Apple to return to Qualcomm with their tail between their legs and their checkbook in hand.

    I can easily see Apple hierarchy saying:   "Never again!  We will not let ourselves be that vulnerable ever again"

    There's a simple fix for that.  AMD would be an easy and obvious second source for CPUs.  Intel's exclusivity agreement expired years ago, there's no reason Apple can't start shipping Ryzen Macs.

    But ARM is sheer idiocy.  The ability to virtualize other operating systems is a vital feature for far more people than Apple seems to think.  I've been around a long time, MacOS is a great operating system, but if Apple dumps IA64 I may have to say goodbye after my current Macs hit EOL.  Every processor transition has been a huge pain, this one isn't likely to be any better than 68K -> PPC or PPC -> Intel.  And in many ways it would be far worse, we'd be trading performance and compatibility for Apple's "not invented here" stupidity.

    If Apple does this, it's profit motivated, not product motivated.  And I'm not playing.
  • Vine relaunches as Byte, bringing six-second videos back to the web

    Byte?  That's infuriating.

    Now if I'm looking for old issues I'll run into stuff about this idiotic app.
  • Test suggests 2018 MacBook Pro can't keep up with Intel Core i9 chip's thermal demands

    Varmoes said:
    I started to question Dave2D approach when he tested multiple laptops. Sure it does thermal throttle but hell. Macs are optimized for Mac applications. This is simply stupid from him. Try to benchtest Final cut Pro from a PC. Even though this is impossible, I'm sure it would perform badly.
    Ever heard of a Hackintosh?

    No, it doesn't perform badly at all. 

    Apple needs to start building MacBook Pros.  The current design should be called the "MacBook Executive" or something equally silly.  Thin is idiotic.
  • Watch and hear HomePod's multi-room audio with stereo playback on iOS 11.4

    So does it add any features that are actually useful?

    I don't have and will not buy one of those ridiculously overpriced speakers, let alone two of them.
  • Apple's Phil Schiller confirms Steam Link iOS app failed to meet App Store guidelines

    dipdog3 said:
    Many VNC apps stream live video and send back commands. You could buy the Golden Gate Bridge using a VNC App without giving Apple a cut. How is this any different?

    Seriously? You don’t understand the difference?
    Seriously?  You think there is a difference?