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  • Apple execs say iPadOS 15 helps users to multitask with UI changes

    When I saw the multitasking demo, it seemed complicated and not at all intuitive. I would not be able to repeat what I saw without a lot of experimentation. I think much of the success of Apple products has come from their ability to make things that work the way you’d expect them to, and knowing when less is more in terms of functionality. Simple elegance. I recognize the desire to add functionality to make the products more powerful/useful, and I know it gets progressively more difficult to add functionality without sacrificing ease of use, but that’s the genius that has so often distinguished Apple from their competitors (until they all copied it, and eventually we all accepted the solution to the problem as obvious). 

    Apple abandoned intuitive a long time ago.

    In the real world, lots of people still don't understand when they should click and when they should double click.  They don't know they can hit return instead of mousing to the ok button in a password dialog.  And those people aren't all drooling morons, they're successful business owners, they're lawyers, they're doctors, they're college professors.  

    No, Apple has now decided that the water buffalo lodge secret handshake is somehow a good UI.  Most users will never even attempt it.
  • M1X Mac mini will be thinner, use iMac's magnetic power connector says leaker

    spheric said:
    I'm not an electrician, but a magnetic power connector like the one on the new iMac can exist only when the power flowing is DC not 110v AC. I think 110v AC is probably just too dangerous. In theory it might be possible to design an "AC MagSafe" but I doubt anyone wants to deal with the liability especially when it comes to selling it to the unwashed masses. Perhaps in an industrial setting you could get away with it.
    Magnetically attached AC power cords have been used for quite a while on consumer deep fryers. Very clunky, but they exist:

    Wow. That is SO illegal in most places. 

    It's illegal for a consumer deep fryer not to have one in the US, has been for well over a decade now.

    The electrical risk is pretty low, the pins are widely spaced and recessed.  The much greater risk is that someone tripping on or tugging a deep fryer cord might pull it off off a surface and dump very hot oil on themselves or others.
  • Former Apple CDO Jony Ive helped design the 24-inch iMac

    jcc said:
    I would find it very difficult to believe that Ive had anything to do with this piece of turd. It’s so fugly that a first year industrial design student wouldn’t design this.

    So you're saying it's got Ive's fingerprints all over it then.

    I was hoping his leaving would help.  But Apple keeps making the same mistakes, and doubling down making them worse.

    A power brick on a desktop computer is the kind of half-done garbage that you expect from sub-$300 low end PCs, not in a computer that costs over $1k.  But Ive values thinness over function, so we get this abomination.
  • Apple Silicon M1 24-inch iMac review: Computing power for the masses

    tedz98 said:
    I have a new strategy for Mac purchases: I’m buying a Mac mini M1 and a nice monitor. I’ll buy a low end Mini which makes it affordable and easy to upgrade by replacing it. This way I can have the benefits of new compute technology every 2-3 years without having to pay for the cost of the monitor.

    My strategy is to pick up Intel Macs for as cheap as I can as quickly as I can.  I'm not going to M1, I've been through too many architecture changes already, and I'm not doing this one.  I've used the M1s, and contrary to the reports, they're slower than Intel in real world use.

    I figure the last Mac I'll ever get will be an Intel Mac Pro in a few years.  Maybe a 16" Intel MBP.  And that'll be it for the Mac, I'm already making friends with Xubuntu.
  • Hands On: Aurum-Edition Apple Watch is a $6,000 24-karat timepiece

    Beats said:
    Apple discontinuing the Edition was one of their biggest mistakes ever. Millionaires will just go to 3rd parties(like this one for example) to blow their money.

    Poor people always complain about why they can’t afford but Apple should have at least kept the OPTION for those who can afford it. 

    Look everybody, some jerk whose taxes aren't nearly high enough!!!!

    Apple has enough trouble with their reputation as a company that makes horrible products that only people with more money than brains buy as it is.

    The original "Edition" watch was a stupid mistake.  Apple likely only ever sold a few dozen, and probably lost tens of thousands of sales because of it.

    Spending seven digits on a watch is stupid, and that's true whether you spend it on an Apple watch or one of those ridiculous Swiss mechanical watches that for some stupid reason (marketing) are still being built in 2021 even though they've been utterly, totally, and completely obsolete for virtually my entire life.

    The 1st gen "Idiotion" was a bad idea, and quietly dropping it was an incredibly smart move from Apple.