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  • Test suggests 2018 MacBook Pro can't keep up with Intel Core i9 chip's thermal demands

    Varmoes said:
    I started to question Dave2D approach when he tested multiple laptops. Sure it does thermal throttle but hell. Macs are optimized for Mac applications. This is simply stupid from him. Try to benchtest Final cut Pro from a PC. Even though this is impossible, I'm sure it would perform badly.
    Ever heard of a Hackintosh?

    No, it doesn't perform badly at all. 

    Apple needs to start building MacBook Pros.  The current design should be called the "MacBook Executive" or something equally silly.  Thin is idiotic.
  • Watch and hear HomePod's multi-room audio with stereo playback on iOS 11.4

    So does it add any features that are actually useful?

    I don't have and will not buy one of those ridiculously overpriced speakers, let alone two of them.
  • Apple's Phil Schiller confirms Steam Link iOS app failed to meet App Store guidelines

    dipdog3 said:
    Many VNC apps stream live video and send back commands. You could buy the Golden Gate Bridge using a VNC App without giving Apple a cut. How is this any different?

    Seriously? You don’t understand the difference?
    Seriously?  You think there is a difference?
  • Apple Pay likely to get boost from Visa & Mastercard mandating contactless payment termina...

    joogabah said:
    mknelson said:
    Slower speeds of chip card transactions? Do you guys process them "weird" in the US?

    Insert card, hit OK, enter PIN, done. Doesn't really take any more time than signing.
    In the USA, you don't enter a PIN (I know, it's stupid).  You insert the card and wait 15 to 20 seconds (which feel like an eternity standing in line with people waiting behind you) until the terminal sounds a loud, sometimes startling series of beeps to indicate you should remove your card.  
    No, it's NOT stupid that we can sign for transactions.  In the US, one of the few really strong consumer protection laws we have mandates that no consumer shall be liable for more than $50 for a fradulent card transaction.  The "chip and PIN" that's prevalent in Europe reverses that liability protection, claiming that a compromised PIN is the fault of the consumer and requiring that the consumer prove fraud.

    The wait is stupid.  In many ways, magstripe was far superior to the chip technology, it was (and still is, for the card I use the vast majority of the time because it doesn't have a chip) almost instant.

    No remembering a PIN, no wait time, and your signature IS your ID.  It's a great system, and anything that replaces it needs to be at least as good.
  • Further Apple HomePod firmware spelunking shows 1GB of RAM, 272x340 screen

    Apple can get away with charging a premium price sometimes.

    But I'm betting this isn't one of those times.  Amazon's competing product which is already available is $180.  Google's also already available product is $130. 

    And I don't want any of them.  I not only have no need for an always-listening mic in my house, I actively don't want one and wouldn't take one if it were free.

    There's not $350 of value in this product.  A few rich people will buy them because they're new gadgets.  A few absolutely obsessive Apple fans will buy them.  Everybody else will look at that price and say nope, I don't need one of those.