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  • Apple releases AirPort Base Station update with security fixes

    They should buy or OEM Ubiquiti.
  • Foxconn and Wisconsin renegotiate factory agreement, future of project uncertain [u]

    FF to 6 months from now...

    "Foxconn's commitment to job creation in [the state Foxconn left Wisconsin for] remains long term and will span over the length of the 
    [the state Foxconn left Wisconsin for]  Economic Development Corporation contract and beyond,"
  • The Wall Street Journal bets Apple News partnership will lead to new subscribers, not cann...

    n2itivguy said:
    Really not that hard to figure out…. “Censorship.”  Nothing is being purposefully denied the reader in what they can read based on what’s offered. Perhaps the other person meant to use a term like “limited” (in selection, etc.)?
    So I guess you aren't concerned by the article's claim that people are "dictating" what we can see and read: i.e., "While WSJ editor Matt Murray is in charge of dictating what content makes it onto Apple's service". To me "dictators" are as bad as "censors". But you are comfortable with dictators? I'm not. That is "purposely denying" what we can read. And you refer to "the other person". I have no idea what person you are talking about. I never mentioned anyone else. Feel free to explain who is on your mind.
    It’s a business and WSJ isn’t going to fully cannibalize their existing paper and online subs for Apple’s experiment.  This has nothing to do with censorship.
  • The Wall Street Journal bets Apple News partnership will lead to new subscribers, not cann...

    Wow. Apple led me to believe I could get all of the WSJ and LA Times. And now it seems I can get only a fraction... a small fraction of their papers. Now since I live in Canada that fraction may be even lower. I was unable to find a single article from those newspapers on the app today. So I got exactly 0% of my news today from LAT and WSJ even though I subscribed and spent an hour looking for them. There were some things in the News+ service I liked, but this part of the service strikes me as fraudulent. And equally concerning is that I don't understand if both the papers and/or Apple is selecting and curating which articles I'm allowed to read. I want freedom, not censorship.

    “You keep using that word.  I don’t think it means what you think it means.”   —Inigo Montoya
  • Elizabeth Warren confirms Apple is on her big tech breakup list

    When they start talking like leninist/marxist we should stop calling them simply "socialists".  There are many paths to controlling the means of production - hers being one of the more popular.