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  • Unsurprisingly, a 2020 iPad Pro will bend if you try to break it

    And it is reprehensible to break an iPad Pro just to be patronizing. You can argue that Apple makes the iPad Pro by the millions, and you can argue that Apple designers or engineers were well paid for their work. But this is still someone's work, and destroying an iPad Pro is vandalism.
    No, vandalism is when you damage someone else's property. If they're damaging an iPad they're purchased they may be stupid, but it is in no way, shape, or form, vandalism...
  • Goldman Sachs denies claims of Apple Card gender bias

    crowley said:
    Something doesn't have to knowingly target gender to be sexist.  There seems to be something off in the algorithm if it's giving such widely disparate results for individuals who you would otherwise expect to get the same or similar result.  It is very logical to question that.
    Not necessarily. My wife and I each have our own credit cards (she also has access to mine) and are both listed on our accounts, etc.

    Even though we are both listed there are a couple of accounts that I am still listed as the primary (there was no other way to do it and I had the accounts before we were married). I also used credit cards more often and for longer.

    Despite the fact that our credit scores are going to be nearly the same I am going to qualify for a much higher credit line than she is simply due to my stronger credit history.

    Want an even worse example, my mom owned 50% of my parent’s business and was denied a credit card in the business’ name.

    A lot of banking only lists one primary account holder and who ever has that is going to have more credit history.
  • Apple's iTunes for Windows update closes off ransomware attack vector

    The security firm has updated their article as the original was inaccurate.  The vulnerability isn't in Bonjour, it is in Apple Software Update.
  • Apple's new macOS Catalina is now available

    oseame said:
    Is it problematic to use Catalina and Mojave side by side on different Macs with the same Apple ID? I remember reading something about how iOS 13 updated Notes maybe and broke compatibility on Mac? I'd like to put Catalina on my MBP but stick with Mojave on my Mac Pro to keep using 32 bit apps.
    The one I've seen so far is Reminders.  It broke between iOS 13 and Mojave as well from what I read.
  • WARF fails to convince Supreme Court to reinstate $506M award from Apple

    DAalseth said:
    Universities should not be allowed to file patents. It goes against the basic purpose of institutes of learning: The open sharing of knowledge.
    I agree. A publicly funded institution should make all of its research available to the public. If you are a company that funds research at a University, you should do so with the understanding that the basic science, how to make a processor more efficient or what gene is connected with a particular disease, will be public.
    Then the public needs to actually fund the university.  Public funding for most universities has dropped significantly over the years.