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  • WARF fails to convince Supreme Court to reinstate $506M award from Apple

    It feels wrong that Universities are fighting for patents in law courts. Seems like a lot of wasted money that belongs elsewhere, say education? I can't quite come to terms with that.
    The profits from those patents go back into the university as funding for education and additional research.  Since the inception of WARF (the group at the UW) it has provided over $2.3 billion in direct grants back to the UW.

    Since Wisconsin (and a number of other states) were routinely cutting funding to their universities it would make sense that those schools would lean more heavily on any other available funding stream...
  • Demand for iPhone 11 outpacing supply chain expectations

    hmlongco said:
    sirozha said:
    So, I don't think there's quite as much interest in the iPhone this time around as it was in 2017...
    The thing is that these days you're encouraged to reserve a specific pickup time to get your new phone and/or watch. 

    As such, you arrive at your 9-to-9:30 appointment time to get your phone. Doesn't do much good to arrive early and it makes sales judgements by checking the length of the line pretty much irrelevant. It's not like the old days where you stood in lines a couple of hundred of people long to try to get the model you wanted...
    Not to mention, phones aren't the new gadget they were years back.  Why wait in line when you can just order it online, in advance, and get it on day one anyway...  I waited in line exactly once, and it was on a whim when I got my first iPhone (I held out until the 3GS).  Every phone after that was either ordered, or I would randomly stop by the Apple Store when I was in the area to see if they had any in stock and got it then.  I'm on my fifth iPhone (XS) and will likely upgrade again next year (assuming they add 5G and I decide it's worth it at that point).
  • Mac Pro won't get China tariff waiver, says President Trump

    Easy solution.  Do the same thing retailers love to do with sales.  Put a red slash through it but then put the phrase "Tariff Price: " and make it 25% higher.  Make it crystal clear who is actually paying for the tariffs (US consumers).
  • Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro coming in October for over $3000, claims report

    McJobs said:
    I'm so sick of the Tim Cook era, where every product redesign comes with a substantial price increase over previous model. When Steve was there, products got better at the same price points (e.g. MBP--->unibody MBP), or even were less expensive at the same time (e.g. polycarbonate iMac--->aluminum iMac).
    Why wouldn't a new device, with a larger screen, and likely a true "Pro" version of the Pro, cost more? It's going to have a more expensive screen, likely larger battery and potentially more powerful CPU/GPU combos.  It should cost more...  Even if it has the same config as the "better" 15" (8-core, 16GB and 512GB SSD) it would only be ~$200 more than the 15".

    And Jobs raised prices too.  Look at the Mac mini. Started at $499, raised to $599 in 2006, and raised again to $699 in 2010.
  • Apple issues iOS 9.3.6 and iOS 10.3.4 updates for older iPhone and iPad models

    clarker99 said:

    In Canada, the release notes talk about new data transfer option.
    That's for the 12.4 release (and is included in those release notes everywhere). It's much more unusual for Apple to release security updates for older versions of the OS (which is what this article is talking about).