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  • Face ID, Touch ID unlocks can't be compelled by law enforcement, rules federal judge

    lenn said:
    This is laughable. Law enforcement can get a warrant to enter your house and search every single inch of it but they aren't allowed to search a stupid phone????? That makes no sense at all.
    I don't know about you but my phone has access to an awful lot of data that isn't necessarily "on it" and may not necessarily belong to me.  So allowing access to the phone is similar to a warrant that says they can search every inch of your home, work, friends houses, businesses you've been to lately, bank, neighborhood bar, etc.

    Remember that your phone potentially contains records of where you've been (and when), medical records, work, childcare information, etc.  My phone also contains information to access my child's and parent's medical records, many of their accounts, etc.  There is FAR more information about me, and the people around me, accessible from my phone than you'll ever find in my home.
  • Editorial: Apple's iPhone strategy is bad for investors, good for consumers

    78Bandit said:
    To me, planned obsolescence means the phone doesn't work as it was originally manufactured.  By extending iOS updates through multiple older years Apple has created the expectation that a phone purchased today will be receive updates for six years.  While that is certainly a benefit for consumers, it sets an unreasonable expectation for the future unless Apple expects to have people on a four-year average upgrade cycle.  Even the top-line reference Android devices are only marketed with three OS updates.
    Couple problems with this. Apple is selling devices based on the fact that they are secure. The iOS updates also include security patches. It really won't look good for Apple if iPhones start having security issues just because they're a few years old.

    Also, Apple wants developers to adopt the latest greatest features in their apps.  If that means abandoning a large number of users because the newest OS isn't available on their phones there is less incentive to adopt those new features, better practices, etc.
  • How to use Safari's saved passwords in other Mac apps

    Rather than sending users into Safari, why not send them to use Keychain?  Keychain keeps the passwords all locked until they specifically try to copy or view the password rather than having a user leave their Safari preference window open and then all of their passwords are available.  You can still right click on the account you're looking for and select copy password as well.
  • Apple's $62.9 billion stock buyback program called a bad investment in new report

    davgreg said:
    Buybacks only make sense if you are getting fees from the transaction. 

    If you do the math and figure in all the impacts, paying a special dividend would be a better use if the intent was to return money to shareholders.
    Depends who you ask. I believe Buffett has said he doesn’t like special dividends because it doesn’t allow the investors to control their taxable income. A buyback increases shareholder value without actually distributing the money unless the investor chooses to sell.
  • MacBook Pro getting Radeon Pro Vega graphics options in November

    ne1 said:
    I'm not usually subject to Early Adopter Disgruntled Syndrome (EADS), but in this case, I'm pissed I bought a top of the line MBP i9 when released. I suggest those who did contact Apple and make some noise to see if they will offer a trade up upgrade program for the new GPU models or discount on eGPUs to early purchasers.
    You're upset that the laptop you purchased around July didn't offer a graphics card that wasn't even announced by AMD until today?  Can't we just be happy that for one of the first times in a long time Apple is actually announcing an upgrade as soon as a newer, better, component is available rather than waiting a full year like they have been recently?