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  • Mini LED coming to 11-inch iPad Pro in 2022, Kuo says

    Simple:  OLED can experience burn-in of graphics that appear for long periods of time. Also, and related, the”O” stands for organic.  Organic compounds usually don’t have the lifespan of inorganic compounds. In OLED, blue has a much shorter lifespan than Red and Green. This could lead to color fading and inaccurate color over time—YMMV.  
    The biggest advantage of Mini and Micro LED can be in brightness. OLED can achieve up to 1,000 nits of brightness, while inorganic Mini and Micro LEDs can emit up to 5,000 nits of brightness Mini LEDs can approach the blacks of OLED depending on the resolution used for backlighting ( which is getting higher all the time). Micro LEDs match OLEDs in blackness values. So, contrast ratios can be much higher with Mini and Micro LEDs, compared to OLED due to the higher brightness. 

    They’re getting really good results with Mini-LED. Plus it’s a run-up to Micro-LED, in a not obvious way—more in manufacturing than in as a back light for a group of pixels vs. a light for each subpixel of R,B,G,G respectively. 
  • Apple's Phil Schiller talks App Store commission, Amazon streaming deal, more in trial

    Looking at Apple’s exceptions to 30% commisions, like Netflix, the Apps that support Apple TV etc.—it’s media content that have exceptions, not executable files that games contain. Executables must be checked for safety and following the rules. I hope this is clear to the judge and to any appeal judges if this case goes to appellate court.
  • Five more TSMC chip plants planned in U.S. expansion

    Arizona has a number of computer wafer/chip silicon vapor deposition Fabs in addition to its Intel plants. 
    Most solar Fabs also use the same vapor deposition process as computer silicon. 

    ASML America had a Phoenix plant that was a customer of mine some years ago. They are the American sales arm of ASML of the Nederlands, the largest maker of the furnaces (or vapor deposition) equipment in the world and TSMC uses their equipment among others. 

    So, yes indeed, this is an ideal location for TSMA to find talent. My daughter, a materials and process engineer, worked in a solar Fab outside of Tucson, AZ—they were purchased by a Chinese company and shut down four years later.  But not until they built a similar solar plant in southwest China, which my daughter was employed to get up and running before the Tucson plant closure. 
  • Kuo: 48MP camera with 8K support coming to iPhone in 2022, 'mini' model axed

    It’s about the Zoom and Macro these days. If Apple does not get a nice telezoom lens and macro lens it will still be lagging behind its competitors out of China. 

    Macro you say? 

    I shot these on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. 
    Just bare the iPhone, no special lens attached. Check out the pollen particles on the last shot.

    If you shoot at 2.5x, the camera and computational algorithms recognize flowers among other things and snaps into focus around approximately 6 inches away. Last years iPhone 11pro Max gave me nearly similar results with 2x lens.  

    I have professional gear as an NCAA Div I sports photographer (recently retired at 73). I have top of the line full frame cameras around $6000 each and a top of the line macro lens—its depth of field is so shallow that I’d have to focus stack to get these results or stop down so much I’d lose sharpness. If that doesn’t make sense, look it up—it’s about the physics of lenses small and large, focal length, build quality and in Apple’s case, computational photography.

    I hope you enjoy these and are inspired to experiment.

    P.S. These will likely not show at their full resolution on this comment page. 

  • Apple discontinues iMac Pro, available 'while supplies last'

    The iMac Pro was the only iMac with two Thunderbolt3 buses, rather important if you have two backups of an external data drive, plus a Time-Machine backup drive plus regular drive backup of internal SSD plus a few other external Thunderbolt items ( card reader, multi port hub, XDR Display). 

    I sure hope Apple has an iMac with two Thunderbolt4 buses. My 16” MBP has two TB3 buses ( acros 4 ports) so it seems an insult if they don’t have an iMac model with two TB buses ( 7 devices per bus including iMac as a device =6 external devices per bus).

    Frustratingly, the iMac Pro did not support the XDR display, since its Thunderbolt buses were Dispayport version 1.3, not DisplayPort 1.4 that came out in 2013 !!!  Arghh!