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  • Only 10% of analyst's survey respondents plan to buy an 'iPhone 12' in 2020

    After watching the event, I believe the camera— both hardware and computational software and the use of every specialized and general processor in Apple Silicon— is the biggest selling point. 

    I’m a recently retired NCAA Div I sports and event photographer with top-end equipment, and can honestly say I’ve wowed pro-colleagues w iPhone 11Pro photos this past year.  

    The iPhone12 new camera systems are a big advance over last year including actual shooting video in DolbyVision as well as editing, and ProRAW photos that use computational improvement as instructions, i.e. not baked into a jpeg, but full 10-bit RAW info to edit. 

    Remember, the best camera is the one you have with you. 

    This is good for my technophobe friends to take quite well exposed photos without any knowledge. The composition is what remains for skill.
    For pros like me, the dynamic range exceeds my $7,000 camera, even better than my DSLR HDR 3-exposure photos.  (Note, Canon is working on sensor with dynamic range of 20 stops ( current sensors on DSLRs range from 12 to 15 stops), ostensibly for a top of the line new R1 camera, later in 2021).

    So sensor size and interchangeable lenses are mostly what lack from DSLRs among other features.  Sensor size gap is being solved by micro-zone computational adjustments based on machine learning and the combining of up to approx. 8 photos combined to one final photo, with preview of result on screen while composing. And that’s in iPhone 11— the 12 is much better per specs and explanations in today’s event.
  • SanDisk debuts new USB-C Extreme & Extreme Pro SSDs with twice the performance

    It’s a shame they don’t have a Thunderbolt 3 version at that high price point.  USB speed will be the weak point in transfer speed with an NVMe SSD. 
  • The high-end 27-inch iMac is more 'pro' than the iMac Pro is

    As I mentioned in yesterday’s iMac article comments, I’m disappointed Apple didn’t offer two Thunderbolt 3 buses like they do on the 16” MBP (I own one). 

    Having a second, external 5K or 6K monitor (e.g. Apple’s own 32” 6K XDR Display—which I got to use with 16” MBP until new iMacs came out), eats up a lot of bandwidth on its Thunderbolt 3 bus. It degrades throughput of data on a fast external SSD on that TB3 bus. Hence a second TB3 bus Is needed as a higher end feature. 
  • Future iPhones may shift camera sensor to take perfect pictures with clip-on lenses

    To get out in front on photographic quality, Apple could conceivably sell cases with a rotating disk containing paired lenses—one for each of two lenses with rotation for different pairings— for alternate focal lengths and macro ability. Another add-on to up-sell.  
    I’m also curious if they are working on a 3 lense system.  
    Another exciting area is computational photography as is done with the two lenses used together.

    I read earlier this year that Apple has around a thousand people that work on computational photography (Jean-Louis Gassée’s Monday Note blog—former Apple exec, BE OS founder and very smart guy). That’s much more than Canon, Nikon or Sony can afford to invest. 

    Apple is very serious about photography and AR. Since their pipelines for products can be as much as 5 to 7 years, believe Tim Cook when he says AR is going to be a big deal.